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City of St.Albert
Some Things Are Meant to be Seen! Header Image

Some Things Are Meant to be Seen!

How many times have you been behind the wheel. Driving slowly. Frantically scanning for an address, while you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road.

We’ve all been there. Looking for an address. Finding some – not seeing others.

Now imagine the person trying to find an address is an emergency services responder. And the house they’re looking for is yours…

The grace period for St. Albert’s Addressing Bylaw ends on June 30. Take advantage of this time to ensure your address is clearly seen from the road. Tree branch blocking your address? Don’t have your numbers up on your house? Now’s the time to fix it!

St. Albert’s Addressing Bylaw came into effect in April 2017. It requires owners of all buildings to display an address so it’s clearly visible from the road. Whether you own a home, condo building, office building, commercial or industrial property, all addresses must be easily seen from the road.

Homeowners – What You Need to Know

As a homeowner, there are certain items you need to know. Depending on how far back your home is from the road, there are minimum size requirements needed to display your address.

  • At least the size of a can of pop (10 cm) – if building is 0-10m from curb.
  • At least the size of a $20 bill (15 cm) – if building is further than 10m from curb. 
  • If you have a back lane, ensure your address is clearly visible from the lane as well.
  • Address numbers should contrast from the background you are putting them on.
  • Ensure your address is visible year-round from the road. Make sure it’s not blocked by trees or covered by snow in the winter.

Plus, if you sit on a condo board, own multi-family property or own or operate a commercial or industrial property – there are items you need to be aware of as well.

For more details, review the following information:

Addressing Bylaw webpage

Addressing Bylaw (PDF)

Remember, if you need to make a change the grace period ends on June 30.  

Last edited: June 20, 2018

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