Published on May 13, 2020

Shout Out to Spring Cleaners!

We’d like to recognize St. Albert residents for prioritizing recycling over the last few weeks. Community members are doing an amazing job cleaning up their homes, yards and the environment despite COVID-19.

On weekends, we’ve been seeing over 500 people each day at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot, which is 300 more than we typically see. With the increase in visits, we were pleased to see that residents were adhering to physical distancing requirements and cooperating with the requests of City staff.

It’s our collective duty to protect the environment from hazardous waste, and by bringing your items to the depot, you’re helping to ensure they’re properly disposed of. Items like paint and chemicals are recycled if they can be or carefully discarded. Electronics are taken apart, and materials like metal are recycled. Tires are shredded and reused for surfaces or tire mulch.

For households that are experiencing additional waste generation, the City has waived the need for bag tags for the Extra Garbage Tag Program at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot until further notice. The limit per household is two garbage bags per day – max 50 lbs, sized 76 cm x 86 cm (30 in x 34 in). No large items, construction, or demolition materials are accepted.

Recycling Depot Bin

Recycling Depot Bin

With residents spending more time at home, there are extra opportunities for household cleaning. We know these aren’t the most exciting projects, but they’re important for keeping your home and yard well taken care of. Not to mention, there are numerous benefits for the environment!

Due to the increase in volume at our depots, we’d like to remind residents to stay home if you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19. If you’re healthy, consider visiting the depot at less busy times to avoid crowds. Please be aware there is a 10-vehicle limit that must be followed.

We commend all of you for your spring-cleaning work! Your dedication to cleanliness benefits the greater community and contributes to the health of our beautiful City.

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Last edited: May 13, 2020