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City of St.Albert
Mayor Heron’s Inaugural State of the City Address Header Image

Mayor Heron’s Inaugural State of the City Address

Mayor Cathy Heron delivered her first State of the City address on Wednesday, September 19, hosted by the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce Business Luncheon at the Enjoy Centre. Her address focused on council’s role in governance, the community’s challenges and opportunities, as well as, collaboration with other municipalities in the region.

“The state of our city is one that is thriving and prospering,” stated Mayor Heron during her introductory comments, “When a city thrives, we all thrive.”

Some highlights of Mayor Heron’s remarks include:

  • The Municipal Development Plan is currently being rewritten. This plan will define how we cultivate growth and it is an area where collaboration with residents, developers and other key partners is essential.  The Mayor challenged everyone involved to “think big” as she believes there is no room for mediocrity when thinking about our future.
  • The key to housing options is diversity and while St. Albert has options for consumers looking to purchase a house or apartment, we are missing the option of low maintenance townhouses and duplexes.  Recent revisions of our land use bylaw will allow for this housing product which will help attract youth and young families to St. Albert.
  • St. Albert is a city that is welcoming new business and in recent years we have seen great growth. To continue to bring economic growth to St. Albert, the City is looking at innovative strategies to bring services to new areas, such as Lakeview Business District, using exciting new technologies to make development more affordable.

“I recognize that every community has its challenges and St. Albert is no different. It is easy to focus on the imperfections or forgetting all that we have achieved,” Mayor Heron said. “But as I look around this room, I have hope for our future.”

Mayor Heron concluded, “St. Albert is where we live and where we work, and together we will build a St. Albert that our children will be proud to live in.”

View the State of the City Address – September 19, 2018

Last edited: September 28, 2018

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