Published on June 28, 2022

2022-25 Council Strategic Plan Approved

On June 20, City Council voted to approve the 2022-25 Strategic Plan. The plan was created after Council took time to collectively provide their input during strategic planning sessions. Strategic planning is about making the best use of resources, about providing clear direction to Administration and about being transparent with the community. 

What is a strategic plan?

The Strategic Plan describes Council’s areas of focus used by Administration to plan and prioritize initiatives in the Corporate Business Plan, as well as to inform the proposed budget. 

The 2022-25 Strategic Plan was informed by St. Albert’s Community Vision and Pillars of Sustainability and the Municipal Development Plan, as well as input received from the community through formal and informal processes. 

What are Council’s priorities for the next four years?

Taking into consideration what they heard from residents, Council identified five strategic priorities and related strategies. The priorities are detailed below, in no particular order as they are all equal: 

  • Economic prosperity will continue to be a priority for Council as they focus on advancing plans for development of the Lakeview Business District, completing plans for recently annexed lands and creating a positive environment for development.  
  • They will foster a vibrant downtown, where people come to live, gather, celebrate, shop and do business. By supporting a variety of community events that help promote our heritage, arts and culture, Council will support downtown businesses and encourage the establishment of a Business Improvement Area. 
  • Community well-being is of great importance for Council. They will ensure that they are responding to changing demographics and continuing to foster community where everybody has an opportunity to fully participate and feel welcomed.  
  • Council recognizes the need for adapting to a changing natural environment. Their focus will be on exploring innovative ways to reduce our footprint, protecting waterways and green spaces, and ensuring resilient social systems and infrastructure now and for future generations.  
  • The City needs to continue to explore opportunities to diversify revenue sources and advance investment in long-term net positive revenue generating infrastructure to ensure financial sustainability. As well, Council will support realization of efficiencies identified in the Operational and Fiscal Review and advance practice and process for the Internal Audit Committee.  

Note: Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities will be taken into consideration as policies and plans are developed and decisions are made. 

View the 2022-25 Council Strategic Plan and learn more about Council’s priorities and related strategies that they would like to advance during their term by visiting the St. Albert Strategic Plan page

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