Published on February 19, 2020

Styrofoam Recycling Continues

In July 2019 the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot began collecting expanded polystyrene (more commonly known as Styrofoam) as an acceptable item. Residents were able to drop off clean Styrofoam blocks from electronics, appliances or furniture for recycling. City Council has decided to accept this item permanently at the Depot as part of the City’s goals of being a green and environmentally responsible community. 

How much Styrofoam was recycled?

  • From July to December 2019, 337 totes (2 m cubes) of Styrofoam was collected and processed for recycling. This amount equates to approximately 3,370 kg of traditional Styrofoam that was diverted from the landfill.

Why is Styrofoam different than other recycling?

  • Styrofoam can be difficult to recycle because it is large and can break into smaller pieces easily, which can contaminate other materials. Once the Styrofoam leaves the Depot, the contractor melts and densifies it on site. Densified blocks are sent away to be turned into products like picture frames and airplane countertops. 

Depot Now Open on Sundays

  • Operational hours at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot have been extended to six days a week! The Depot is now open Tuesday through Sunday and remains closed on Mondays and statutory holidays.

The same rules apply for Styrofoam recycling. Food take-out containers, cups or plates cannot be recycled and belong in the Brown Garbage Cart. Pieces must be clean and dry, so it doesn’t contaminate other products. 

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Last edited: February 19, 2020