Published on June 3, 2020

We Are #T8NTogether

On Monday, May 25, 2020, Mayor Heron announced the Community Mantra: #T8NTogether. This mantra symbolizes the solidarity we must practice and strengthen each day to lift us out of the pandemic. It also recognizes how tough this time is for many residents and a reminder that we aren’t alone in feeling this way. By embodying this mantra in everything we do, we can demonstrate how we are united in facing the changes and difficulties ahead of us.

T8NTogether Chalk Art

We are already seeing the mantra being used in the community and it brings a smile to our faces! Keep sharing it wherever you can to show your St. Albert pride and spread the love.

Not sure on how to use it? The possibilities are endless, but we have a few ideas below:

  • Put it in your email signature 
  • Use it on social channels
  • Decorate posters for your home or business windows
  • Write it in sidewalk chalk in your neighborhood or City park
  • Decorate your car
  • Embellish it on clothing 
  • Adorn your baking with it

T8NTogether Poker and Magic Art

T8NTogether Chalk Art

We invite you to get creative and show us how you’re spreading the mantra on social media. Make sure to post a photo or video and tag it with #T8NTogether. We’ll be creating a video to highlight how the mantra’s being used throughout the community; your post could be featured! 

A big thanks to all the imaginative minds who submitted their ideas for a mantra and to everyone who voted!

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Last edited: June 3, 2020