Published on May 18, 2022

Property Tax Breakdown

Each year, the City of St. Albert distributes property tax notices in late May and asks property owners to pay their taxes in full by the due date of June 30. Property owners who do so will avoid late-payment penalties. Learn more about available payment methods

Property taxes are collected from residential and non-residential properties by the City to pay for municipal services. There are three main components to property taxes; municipal tax is the only component set by the City of St. Albert.

Where do my tax dollars go?



Municipal Tax

The municipal tax component is based on the City’s operating budget requirements. City Council sets the budget based on service levels for residents and priorities for sustaining and developing our community. To fund the budget, the City projects revenue from grants, user fees, permits, fines and investments. Any revenue requirement shortfall is obtained through property taxation.


Provincial Education Tax

The provincial education requisition is determined by the Alberta Government based on the City of St. Albert’s share of the provincial education tax requirement. The City of St. Albert does not set or control education taxes. 

  • Contact: Government of Alberta Education Property Tax Line, 780-422-7125


Homeland Housing Requisition

The Homeland Housing requisition is for funding of seniors’ housing operated by Homeland Housing. The City does not set or control the requisition amount. This requisition is set in March of each year.



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