Published on May 4, 2021

Teacher Extraordinaire is a Mental Health Hero

Sean Brass is a Grade 6 teacher in St. Albert and he has made a difference for the Bourgeois family over the past year. Sean is a strong advocate for all students, but especially for one student who unexpectedly lost his father last spring – that's Ben Bourgeois. 

Sean Brass has been nominated as a Mental Health Hero by Jillian Bourgeois for his poignant mentorship and caring nature.

“Mr. Brass is an amazing teacher who inspires my son Ben to not only love being at school, but to really enjoy the act of learning," says Jillian. “Sean has been an inspiring and consistent support beam for Ben. He is the kind of teacher who takes the time to ‘see’ his students for who they are and praises their greatness out loud when it’s deserved."

Bourgeois Family siting in the snow in front of a spruce tree with lights on it

The Bourgeois family snuggle in for a photo. From left to right: Ben Bourgeois, his mother Jillian Bourgeois and his brother Brody Bourgeois.

Sean’s passion for teaching is clearly shown by his positive relationship with his students and his students know he genuinely cares about them. He is responsive to the different student needs and he’s not afraid to take extra time with the ones who need additional support. 

“Mr. Brass has made all the difference in Ben’s life this past year. What could have been a dark and challenging year has proven instead to be a year of growth, hope and inspiration,” adds Jillian. “Mr. Brass has supported Ben through this difficult time, which has improved his self-esteem and his self-confidence in his learning.” 

Teachers play an important role in our lives and Sean Brass is truly inspiring. It’s because of Sean’s commitment to his students that he is a recognized as a Mental Health Hero. 

Story drafted with permission from Sean Brass and Jillian Bourgeois, and content from nominator Jillian Bourgeois.

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Last edited: May 6, 2021