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City of St.Albert
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Want to be a beekeeper?

Here’s the BUZZ! Beekeeping licences are now available in St. Albert!

If you’ve always wanted to have a backyard hive, now is your chance. In September, City Council passed the Urban Beekeeping Bylaw which allows beekeeping within city limits.

Studies show that honey bees are healthier and produce more honey in urban settings, where there are fewer pesticides sprayed and a greater diversity of flowers. Urban beekeeping is part of a growing urban agriculture movement and can help address growing food demands as the world’s population increases.

Bee-ginner Beekeeping Courses

The first year of beekeeping can be a bit overwhelming. So it’s important to set yourself up for success, as beekeeping comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work. Some even might say, “you’ll be as busy as a bee”!

A requirement of the urban beekeeping licence in St. Albert is to successfully complete urban beekeeping training and to find a mentor. This will help you navigate potential challenges you may encounter and connect you with an experienced beekeeper who will provide you with some guidance over that first year. Here are some courses to check out:

Licences for Urban Beekeeping are only $40 with applications available on the City website: Urban Beekeeping Licence Application Package

To learn what you need to do to become an Urban Beekeeper in St. Albert, visit the Urban Beekeeping Licence page on the City of St. Albert website.

Did You Know:

  • The Urban Beekeeping Bylaw is specific to honey bees.
  • On residential properties: a maximum of two hives on one parcel of land.
  • On non-residential properties:
    • a maximum of two hives on one parcel of land with an area less than 929 m2.
    • a maximum of four hives on one parcel of land with an area equal to or greater than 929 m2.

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