Published on October 12, 2021

Waste in the Classroom

Teaching young people about proper waste management can be a huge help in our effort to reduce our waste, reuse items and sort our waste properly. The City of St. Albert offers two school presentations, to introduce garbage, organics and recycling to the classroom. Both of these presentations have been adapted for virtual learning, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be offered online for 2021. 

What Presentations are Available?

Waste and Our World

  • This presentation is aligned with the Grade 4 science unit and comes with a worksheet and options for activities.
  • It teaches students to sort properly through games, bingo and a colouring book. 
  • A colouring sheet that tells the story of the ‘Journey of the Carts’ can be downloaded on the Resources for Classrooms page

In recent years, this presentation has been given to close to 30 different classrooms. The students are also asked to make a ‘Waste Pledge’ to try and reduce their waste. This can be anything from bringing a reusable water bottle to class – or remembering a reusable grocery bag when they visit the store with their family. 

Waste and Our Habits

  • This presentation caters to Grade 7 students, who are taught the impact that waste can have on our natural environment. 
  • It also examines how the items we throw away can impact marine life and the environment. 

In addition to these resources, the City offers a Green Organics Cart School Program to every school in St. Albert. Schools can join this program and help divert organic waste from the landfill. We currently have 18 schools participating, ranging from elementary to high schools. 

Example Slide:

Plastics and the Environment

The equivalent of one garbage truck worth of plastic enters the ocean every minute.
garbage trucks in ocean
It is expected to reach 4 trucks per minute by 2050.

Interested in viewing a presentation?

Teachers, parents and school staff can request a presentation through our website. A member of our Waste and Diversion team will be in touch after that. 

Learn more and remember to Be Waste Wise!

Note: Banner photo in this article was taken pre-COVID-19 pandemic.

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Last edited: October 13, 2021