Published on February 9, 2021

WILDNorth Funding Helps St. Albert Wildlife

WILDNorth will receive a one-time grant of $10,000 to cover St. Albert-based wildlife rescue and rehabilitation operations in 2021.This wildlife rescue has been operating in the St. Albert community for over 30 years. WILDNorth provides compassionate care by conducting field rescues, admitting injured and orphaned wildlife in St. Albert to their Edmonton Wildlife Hospital and Parkland County Rehabilitation Centre.

WILDNorth is a non-profit, registered charity that provides rescue, urgent and critical care to injured wild birds and small mammals. WILDNorth works hard to educate the community on how to coexist in harmony with wildlife. Since 1989, the non-profit has been a part of the community and helped over 30,000 birds and small mammals receive proper medical treatment with the goal of returning these wild animals to their natural habitat.

WILDNorth staff feeding porcupine

WILDNorth staff untangling owl from barbed wire fence

In previous years, WILDNorth has received $5,000 per year through the Environmental Initiative Grant (EIG), administered by the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). In 2019, the EAC provided Council with a recommendation to support WILDNorth with annual ongoing funding through the City’s operating budget rather than through the EIG program. This new Grant Policy will allow grant funding to be available to organizations that are outside of St. Albert but provide services to St. Albert residents.

2020 WILDNorth Results in St. Albert

  • Rescued over 30 wild animals.
  • Treated over 150 wild animals that were found in St. Albert.
  • Fielded over 500 wildlife concern phone calls from St. Albert residents.

WILDNorth staff holding a baby fox

View the 2020 WILDNorth Year in Review video

St. Albert residents are encouraged to contact WILDNorth directly for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation operations at or by calling 780-914-4118. To learn more about WILDNorth, visit

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