Published on February 2, 2022

A Little Cozy Goes A Long Way

The end of the winter season can be daunting at the best of times. It’s beginning to feel like forever since we last slipped our toes into a flip flop or needed a hat to keep the hot sun off our cheeks! And while for the most part we’re able to make the best of things, as we make our way through yet another exceptionally challenging winter, many folks are struggling with isolation and experiencing some challenges staying on top of their mental health.

With all this in mind, over the last few weeks, the FCSS branch of the Community Services department took matters into their own hands! Partnering with the St. Albert Seniors Association, the group decided to offer some well-deserved "Beat the Winter Blues Kits" to residents of our lovely, yet often chilly, city! These care packages, which were distributed based on nominations submitted on behalf of deserving individuals (and even by deserving individuals themselves!), included small, cozy knickknacks curated to help recipients feel a little warmer and more comforted during the dreary days of January. The kits included a mug for tea, some warm socks and a few other little goodies to brighten people’s spirits!

The kits were advertised in January’s Community Vibes newsletter and in the Seniors Association’s publication. But, if you’re only hearing about them now, you’re not alone. Usually, for an opportunity like this, we’d let our residents know through social media posts and other advertisements, to ensure all our kits found their way into the hands of deserving residents. But these kits were so popular that they were snatched up in less than a week, based on the newsletter announcements alone. In all, the group was able to give away 52 "Beat the Winter Blues Kits" (we actually needed to make two extras!), which goes to show that a little cozy goes a long way in bringing much-needed smiles to the hearts of deserving St. Albertans.

For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to nab a kit, this go ‘round, don’t worry! We’re sure down the road these kits will be made available again and we’ll have another chance to treat someone in our lives to a nice little surprise!

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Last edited: February 2, 2022