Published on February 25, 2020

Winter Collection Tips

It is still winter in St. Albert. That means placing your garbage cart or organics cart at the curb through snow and slush for a few more weeks (let’s hope!). 

Here are some curbside tips to make winter collection easy: 

  • Place carts a minimum of one (1) metre (three feet) apart from each other. 
  • Do not place carts behind objects, or on the top of/in snowbanks. Carts placed on an angle or obstructed by a snowbank make it difficult for the automated arm of the trucks to securely and safely collect it.

Wrong cart placement

Wrong cart placement

  • Do not overstuff carts. Lids can become damaged when they are not properly closed, and overstuffed carts may attract pests – such as birds.
  • Because organics are rich in moisture, they can freeze and thaw with changing temperatures, causing them to stick to the inside of your cart. Place a shovel down the sides of the cart to loosen the material on your collection day.

Shovel in cart

Shovel in cart

  • Lining the cart with newspaper or cardboard can keep organics from freezing to the cart. You can also use certified compostable bags to keep your organics tidy. 
  • Place your blue recycling bags in an easily accessible area, not on top of or hidden behind large snow banks. Recycling is collected by hand. Placing blue recycling bags in an easily accessible area ensures staff safety.
  • Blue recycling bags are preferred as they are most visible in winter weather conditions. Clear recycling bags may blend in with snowbanks and can be missed by staff. Bags also keep recycling tidy and prevent litter on a windy day.

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Last edited: February 25, 2020