Published on November 23, 2021

Are You Prepared? Winterize Your Home and Vehicle

Mother Nature’s wintery blast is upon us. If you haven’t had the chance to prepare, now’s the time to winterize your home and your vehicle. Being prepared doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.

Winterize Your Vehicle   

  • Ensure your vehicle is in good winter driving condition (wipers, tires, lights and fluid levels).
  • Make sure you have a scraper, snow brush and extra warm clothing.
  • Add a winter emergency/survival kit to your car.
    • Pack booster cables, reflective cones, blanket, cell phone charger and small first aid kit.
    • Replenish perishable snack items.
    • Grab a flashlight and batteries!

Winterize Your Home   

  • Insulate your walls and attics. Caulk and weatherize doors and windows. Install storm windows or cover windows with plastic.
  • Close off unneeded rooms and place towels under the doors. Hang blankets over windows at night, but let the sunshine in during the day.
  • Have emergency heating equipment such as fireplaces, wood burning stoves or space heaters and ample fuel, so you can keep at least one room in your house warm. Always ensure proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Have blankets and extra warm clothing readily available.
  • Stock or restock your home emergency food supplies.

Know these Terms   

  • Winter Storm Watch – potentially significant heavy snow, ice, sleet and/or blowing snow.   
  • Winter Storm Warning – combination of winter hazards is expected to cause significant impact to life or property. Stay indoors and adjust travel plans.    
  • Blizzard Warning – strong winds will produce blinding snow and near zero visibility resulting in potentially life-threatening conditions. Blizzards can occur with minimal accumulations of snow.    
  • Wind Chill Warning – based on a combination of the wind speed and cold temperatures, wind chills of -25°C or colder are life threatening.    

Be prepared for any emergency. To learn how to plan or what to do during an emergency, download the Emergency Preparedness Guide

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Last edited: November 26, 2021