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RCMP - Auxiliary Constable Completes 20 Years of Volunteering

St. Albert RCMP are honouring Auxiliary Constable Terry Cipywnyk for his 20 years as a volunteer officer with the RCMP. On Friday, May 17, 2019, Terry received his 20 award at a ceremony in Edmonton in front of his family and his colleagues in the RCMP.

Auxiliary Constable Cipywnyk was sworn in to the RCMP in July of 1995 and joined the Vegreville, Alberta Detachment. For two years, he drove one hour in each direction to volunteer his free time with the RCMP. In 1997, Terry Cipywnyk transferred to the St. Albert, Alberta Detachment where he has been volunteering ever since.

In the 23 years that he has been with the St. Albert detachment, he has put in over 5400 hours of volunteer hours and has received a certificate of appreciation every year from Alberta RCMP Headquarters - K Division, for his dedication. Over the years, Terry has often assisted at community events, public safety demonstrations and he has spent countless hours assisting officers with police patrols.

In 2000, Auxiliary Constable Cipywnyk received additional recognition from K Division by earning his five-year service award. In 2005 and in 2010, he received his 10-year and 15-year service awards.

RCMP Auxiliary Constable Terry Cipywnyk

In 2006, Terry Cipywnyk was named the Alberta Auxiliary Constable of the Year, and in 2012, he was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by The Honourable Donald Ethell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Terry also received the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal to Public Safety in Canada in 2016, and this year, in addition to receiving his 20-year service award from the RCMP, he was the recipient of an Alberta Emergency Services Medal.

“RCMP Auxiliaries are unarmed volunteers whose primary role is to participate in community policing services such as community engagement and crime prevention.” Says Inspector Pam Robinson, Officer in Charge of St. Albert RCMP. “Terry is a fine example of a volunteer who goes above and beyond to promote safety in St. Albert. He was doing just that this past weekend at the St. Albert Public Safety Open House, where he was speaking to people about the importance of locking up their vehicles and homes.”

Terry has been married to his wife Amy for 31 years, and has two sons, Blair and Garrett. When he is not volunteering, Terry enjoys spending time with his family at the lake and being support staff to the family cat, Salem.

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