For Immediate Release / July 20, 2020

RCMP - St. Albert Trail Safety

The summer is a great time to be outside enjoying the city's trail system and the City of St. Albert has approx. 99.5 kms of trails that are available for everyone to use.  One concern the public has brought to the attention of St. Albert RCMP while performing Cart Patrols is that some cyclists are not using their bike bell while riding on the trails. 

 St. Albert RCMP are reminding cyclists there are a few things to keep in mind when using the trail system:

  • Cyclists should remember to stay to the right of the path.
  • Cyclists should remember to ring their bell when approaching/passing other slower moving cyclists, pedestrians, and others using the path ways. 
  • Cyclists entering a blind corner, should remember to use their bell to alert anyone who may be on the other side.   

It is also important that everyone using the trail system should remember to respect an individual's space and/or social distancing.

 Cyclists are also required to have a horn or bell attached to their bike - Vehicle Equipment Regulations of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act-Sec 60 - $81.00 fine.

 All individuals who ride their bike within the City of St. Albert are required to wear a bike helmet, this includes adults and children-St. Alberta By-Law 41(3) - $100.00 Fine.

 Cyclists who choose to ride their bike on the sidewalk, which is permitted - St. Albert By-Law 41(1), must yield the right of way to Pedestrians and cannot operate their bikes in a reckless manner  - St. Albert By-Law 41(2) - $100.00 fine.  Cyclists on sidewalks must dismount and walk across roadways/intersections.  If you dismount and walk alongside your bicycle, you are considered a pedestrian and have the same rights as a pedestrian.  Cyclists on sidewalks do not have the right-of-way over motor vehicles in intersections.

 Cyclists who choose to ride their bike on the roadways must follow the rules of the road.  Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as a driver of a motor vehicle and must obey the same rules when travelling on the road.  Cyclists must yield to pedestrians, stop for stop signs/red lights, and travel with the flow of traffic.  If you are riding a bicycle, you are considered by law, a vehicle on the road.

 St. Albert RCMP want all citizens to be informed about the laws and regulations when it comes to operating their bicycle in the community and safety is their top priority.

 If anyone has information regarding any crime, they are asked to contact the St. Albert RCMP Detachment at 780-458-7700 or their local police.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), online at or by using the "P3 Tips" App available through the Apple App or Google Play. 

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Last edited: July 20, 2020