For Immediate Release / August 26, 2020

RCMP - Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registry

The St. Albert RCMP are very pleased to announce a new Program in the City of St. Albert. The RCMP are in the process of implementing a “Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registry” Program within the Community. 

St. Albert RCMP are asking Residents and Businesses in the Community, who have video camera surveillance, to sign up with the RCMP if they are willing to turn over video footage when requested for an ongoing criminal investigation. The new registry will not replace traditional door-to-door knocking, but will help officers when tracking down evidence. Surveillance cameras can record people, licence plates and other information that could assist with a police investigation. 

Citizens who voluntarily sign up to be a part of the Surveillance Camera Registry need to know:

  • Video footage must be held for 12+ hours in order to allow RCMP time to obtain it.
  • The RCMP will provide a memory stick or USB to download the footage on.
  • You may withdraw from the Program at any time, by contacting the St. Albert RCMP.

For more information on this program or to sign up, please contact the St. Albert RCMP by email (attached below) and a member will be in contact with you.

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