For Immediate Release / June 13, 2019

Vehicle Owners are Reminded to ‘Lock It Up’

St. Albert RCMP are reminding vehicle owners to remove valuables and lock up their vehicles as part of the “Lock It Up” #9PMRoutine project. With almost 500 reported thefts from vehicles and over 150 vehicles reported stolen in St. Albert in 2018, and with seeing the same crime trends throughout the Capital Region, St. Albert RCMP are asking for the help of everyone in stopping or reducing these crimes.

An illustration of the Criminal Triangle Theory

The mirror hanger installed within a vehicle

Crime Triangle Theory

According to the Crime Triangle theory, three factors have to be in place for a crime to occur, which are:

  1. A person with the desire and ability to commit the crime
  2. A person or property that is the target of the crime
  3. The opportunity to commit the crime.

If even one of these factors is removed from the situation, the crime will not happen. St. Albert RCMP are committed to reducing crime in this community, but the officers need the help of the residents to disrupt the crime triangle, and removing the opportunity for the crime to happen is the easiest part of the triangle to address.

For the crime of Theft from a Vehicle, removing all valuables and locking the vehicle will prevent most criminals from interfering with your vehicle. St. Albert RCMP have intelligence that the majority of Theft from Vehicle criminals walk up and down city streets trying vehicle door handles looking for those left unlocked. When they find an unlocked vehicle, they then steal any valuables found inside.

The percentage of criminals that break vehicle windows to access valuables are far less than the ones who simply look for unlocked vehicles. Removing the valuables from all vehicles and locking the doors removes the “opportunity” for this crime to occur.

For the crime of Theft of Vehicle, locking the doors and if possible, parking inside a locked garage removes the opportunity for this crime. Make sure keys are not left in the vehicle and consider anti-theft devices that can lock your steering wheel when not in use. As well, do not leave your vehicle running unattended as this creates a crime opportunity that some criminals find very difficult to resist.

To help everyone do their part to remove crime opportunities, St. Albert RCMP has created a bright yellow, “All Valuables Removed” rear-view mirror hanger that they are asking vehicle owners to display in their cars, trucks and other vehicles. This placard is free, and its bright colour serves as a very noticeable reminder about reducing crime. St. Albert RCMP started handing the “All Valuables Removed” rear-view mirror hangers out to residents at the St. Albert Public Safety Open House on June 9, 2019, where they also talked about crime prevention through environmental design ideas that can also reduce crime in the city.

“Let’s break the Crime Triangle!” says Inspector Pam Robinson. “Simple steps like removing your valuables and locking your vehicles are huge factors in maintaining community safety. Join me in the “Lock It UP” #9PMRoutine habit.”

All Valuables Removed mirror hanger

It’s 9 pm. Have you:

  1. Removed all valuables from your vehicle?
  2. Closed the windows and locked the doors?
  3. Parked inside the garage if possible?

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Last edited: June 23, 2019