For Immediate Release / April 24, 2019

2019/2020 Policing Priorities Identified for St. Albert

Focus on Crime Reduction, Community Policing and Traffic Safety

The 2019/2020 Policing Priorities for the community have been identified by the St. Albert Policing Committee and the St. Albert RCMP. Dr. Kristopher Wells, Chair of the St. Albert Policing Committee, presented them at the April 23, 2019, Council Meeting.

The priorities focus around three main areas: crime reduction, community policing and traffic safety.

  • Crime Reduction – The objectives are to reduce theft, theft from vehicles, break and enters, and drugs in the community.
  • Community Policing – The objective is for the RCMP to partner with the St. Albert Policing Committee, social agencies, schools and the community to reduce crime and increase trust and confidence in policing.
  • Traffic Safety – The objective is to enhance road and citizen safety.

The 2019/2020 Policing Priorities were developed collaboratively by the St. Albert Policing Committee and the St. Albert RCMP. Inputs into its development included the Policing Priorities Survey, city crime trends, St. Albert Victim Services, the City of St. Albert Transportation Safety Implementation Plan, the City of St. Albert Traffic Safety Working Group, the St. Albert Strategy and Mobilization Committee, and local school districts.

The St. Albert Policing Committee was established by St. Albert City Council in June 2017. The overall objective of the Policing Committee is to act as a liaison among City Council, the RCMP Detachment, and City residents to foster responsible community actions towards the creation of a safe and secure community. The Committee also receives and shares information with Municipal Policing Services to accomplish these objectives.

For complete details on the 2019/2020 Policing Priorities, as well as information about the St. Albert Policing Committee, visit

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Last edited: October 11, 2019