For Immediate Release / April 23, 2020

Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee Agrees to Annexation Boundary

Meeting held April 17, 2020 

The City of St. Albert and Sturgeon County’s Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee met on April 17, 2020 to discuss the City’s proposed annexation of a portion of land from Sturgeon County.

The two municipalities are pleased to announce that the Sub-Committee has completed negotiations for an annexation boundary line recommendation. The boundary line is similar to the annexation area presented to the public in 2019, but has been adjusted within the northwest section, based upon intermunicipal negotiation. Lands that were previously removed from annexation consideration in the southwest and northeast sections of the area remain excluded.

Final completion of the annexation boundary will be subject to Provincial approval, which is anticipated to occur once the Annexation Sub-Committee finalizes negotiations related to several other matters, including financial compensation to Sturgeon County and taxation. Once negotiations are complete, the City of St. Albert will submit its Annexation Application to the Government of Alberta for approval consideration.

“Today represents a milestone in our annexation negotiations and is a testament to the Negotiating Committee, and our willingness to arrive at mutually beneficial outcomes,” says St. Albert Councillor Ray Watkins, Chair of the Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee.

“We are pleased to have arrived at a final decision regarding the annexation boundary and remain committed to completing the remainder of annexation negotiations in a timely manner,” stated Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw.

The Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee is a subset of the Intermunicipal Affairs Committee (IAC), which is made up of all members of both Councils. The annexation negotiations formally started on December 6, 2017. The next meeting of the Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee is scheduled to take place May 25, 2020.

Map of Approved Annexation Boundary

Map of Approved Annexation Boundary

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