For Immediate Release / April 27, 2021

City of St. Albert adopts new Municipal Development Plan

Flourish: Growing to 100K

On April 19, 2021, St. Albert’s new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was adopted by City Council. 

Flourish: Growing to 100K is a comprehensive, long-range policy plan that positions the City to seize new opportunities and proactively plan for growth,” says Mayor Cathy Heron.

Residents, property owners, businesses, community groups and others can look to the new MDP for expected changes as the City plans for a future population of 100,000 and the addition of 13,000 new jobs over the coming decades.

Since 2018, thousands of residents have participated in engagement and communication opportunities, such as open houses, workshops, pop-up booths, webinars, questionnaires, speaking sessions and project champion meetings. Extensive public input was a critical component that helped shape the goals, principles and policies within the new MDP – as well as set a new participation benchmark for the City

“A foundational document, the MDP’s overarching goals not only reflect the vision of the community, but also provide guiding direction for future decisions, investments and complementary City plans,” adds Mayor Heron.

Specifically, Flourish focuses on nine goals: green environment, robust economy, housing options, mobility choices, cultural richness, resilient infrastructure, community well-being, great places and sustainable growth. While not an exhaustive list, Flourish aims to support business and employment growth by designating priority areas for new employment and mixed-use employment growth, strategically direct intensification to certain established areas of the City, help achieve a 70/30 tax assessment split and direct new outward residential and non-residential growth to the west..

A legislative document required by the Municipal Government Act, Flourish will be monitored and updated regularly.

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