For Immediate Release / December 15, 2021

City of St. Albert Launches Ice Safety Campaign

The City is reminding residents that each of us has a personal responsibility to stay away from known hazards to maintain our own safety this winter - especially unsafe ice surfaces.

“St. Albert is a beautiful place to explore during the winter season, but we want our residents and visitors to please stay safe,” says Director of Emergency Services, Everett Cooke. “The Sturgeon River and stormwater management facilities may look like the perfect place for an afternoon walk or impromptu hockey game, but neither is safe for any type of recreational activity.”

Many environmental factors affect ice thickness, including:

  • Water depth and size of body of water
  • Currents, tides and other moving water (i.e., water from stormwater outfalls)
  • Chemicals, including salt
  • Fluctuations in water levels
  • Logs, rocks and docks which absorb heat from the sun
  • Changing air temperature
  • Shock waves from vehicles traveling on the ice

“In particular, do not go out on the ice on stormwater management facilities as it could result in severe injury or death. These facilities are deep and hide warm water flowing beneath the surface,” adds Cooke. “Last year, we saw too many individuals out on unsafe ice surfaces so we’re urging residents to choose safe places to recreate this winter season.”

For a listing of safe ice surfaces and information on when the outdoor boarded rinks and social ice surfaces are ready for skating, visit the City’s Outdoor Skating and Ice Conditions page. Additionally, for more information and tips on ice safety, check out the December Let’s Talk Ice Safety City Highlights article. 

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Last edited: December 15, 2021