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City of St.Albert
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For Immediate Release | December 19, 2017

Council Approves 2018 Budget

Limited spending and maintained service levels for residents

At the December 18, 2017 Council Meeting, St. Albert City Council approved the 2018-2020 City Business Plan and the 2018 municipal and utility operating and capital budgets. In approving these budgets, Council has taken into consideration the current state of the economy, limiting spending and maintaining service levels.

 “This year’s budget includes an average tax increase of 2.4 per cent and average utility rate increase of 2.0 per cent,” says Mayor Cathy Heron. “This is a result of Council balancing the desire to keep tax increases to a minimum while continuing to offer the range of services and programs that our residents desire.”

Opportunities for public input were provided through Open House/Townhalls and at various budget meetings in November. The budget highlights are as follows:

Municipal Operating Budget - The approved net municipal operating budget of $102.5 million results in a proposed 2.4 per cent property tax increase. For an average house valued at $450,000, this means a tax increase of $78 per year. The estimated new assessment growth revenue of $2.6 million is incorporated into the tax levy with $1.3 million applied to offset base increases and $1.3 million applied towards business cases.

Utility Operating Budget - Utility rates in 2018 were approved to be 2.0 per cent higher than in 2017, with a typical monthly utility bill of $146.98. Included in the utility rates are two business cases to support sustaining and enhancing services and service levels. 

Municipal and Utility Capital Budget - The 2018 capital plan approved by Council includes:

  • 32 municipal capital projects to repair, maintain or replace existing infrastructure, valued at $22 million;
  • 20 municipal growth capital projects, valued at $7.8 million;
  • 11 utility capital projects to repair, maintain or replace existing infrastructure, valued at $11.8 million; and,
  • 3 utility growth capital projects, valued at $0.2 million.

Full details on the budget can be found at

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