For Immediate Release / December 16, 2019

Council Approves 2020 Budget

At the December 16, 2019 Council Meeting, St. Albert City Council approved the Financial Plan and 2020 Budget which consists of the 2020 municipal and utility operating and capital budgets. The approved budgets take into consideration the need for fiscal restraint resulting from today’s provincial and federal economies, changes in funding available from revenue sources and the mix of revenue sources available, limited spending and maintaining service levels.

The 2020 Budget includes an average property tax increase of 2.5 per cent and an average utility rate increase of 0.1 per cent. The property tax increase breaks down as follows:

  • 0.4 per cent increase due to municipal operations (achieved through thoughtful reductions and delays to some projects)
  • 0.6 per cent increase due to loss of fine revenue and grants
  • 1.5 per cent increase due to proactive measure to address Repair, Maintain and Replace (RMR) infrastructure work to maintain the quality of our roads, trails and amenities

“Council and Administration held many thoughtful discussions during the budget process to find the most impactful reductions to make up for the decrease in provincial revenue,” says Mayor Cathy Heron. “I am extremely proud of our hard work, including scouring our own Council budget and freezing Council’s wages. Once again, the tax increase is below the municipal price index.”

The tax increase consists of a 1.5 per cent increase to repair, maintain and/or replace (RMR) existing municipal infrastructure. The City faces a significant funding challenge in this area over the next 10 years.

Opportunities for public input were provided through a new online platform and at various budget meetings in November. The budget highlights are as follows:

Municipal Budget – The approved net municipal tax requirement of $109.9 million results in a 2.5 per cent property tax increase. For an average house valued at $450,000, this means a tax increase of $90 per year.

For 2020, the municipal capital plan investment includes:

  • 29 municipal capital projects to repair, maintain or replace existing infrastructure, valued at $39.5 million; and,
  • 13 municipal growth capital projects valued at $51.6 million.

Utility Budget – Utility rates in 2020 were approved to be 0.1 per cent higher than in 2019, with a typical monthly utility bill of $133.44.

For 2020, the utility capital plan investment includes:

  • 14 utility capital projects to repair, maintain or replace existing infrastructure, valued at $11.6 million.

Details on the budget can be found on the City website at under 2020 Budget.

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