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City of St.Albert
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For Immediate Release | December 19, 2018

Council Briefs for December 17th

Council Briefs are provided for the benefit of community members with the intent of giving a short, informal report on what occurred at Council Meetings. For the official record, please review the Adopted Minutes, available on the City website. Webcasts of Council Meetings are available the day following a Council Meeting on the City website.

CSAC Recommendation: FCSS Operating Grant

Council postponed the motion regarding the 2019 FCSS Operating Grant allocations to January 7, 2019.

Council also approved a motion that interim grant payments of 25% of the amounts set out in the report be made to the indicated recipients pending debate on the motion on January 7, 2019.

IASC Recommendation – Appointment of Internal Auditor

Council approved that MNP LLP be appointed as the City's Internal Auditor with roles and responsibilities set out in Bylaw 25/2016 and on commercial terms and conditions set out in the form of professional services agreement included in the Invitation to Tender issued by the City in respect of this service.

Municipal & Utility Budget

Council approved the following recommendations:

  • That the 2019 Consolidated Municipal and Utility Budget in the amount of $272,292,300 detailed in the attachment titled “2019 Consolidated Budget” be approved.
  • That the balance of Assessment Growth in the amount of $95,400 be transferred to the Growth Stabilization reserve.

Safety Enhancement Program

Council approved that the Safety Enhancement Program Request for Ammonia Assessment Compliance Safety Enhancement in the amount of $41,000 be funded from the Safety Enhancement Reserve.

The funding is for an assessment of compliance with ammonia safety requirements in the City’s ice rinks.

Bylaw 45/2018, Utility Rates and Fees Amendments

Council passed Bylaw 45/2018, being Amendment 2 to Residential Solid Waste Management Bylaw 17/2018, Amendment 19 to Water Bylaw 5/2001, Amendment 15 to Storm Sewer Bylaw 6/2003, and Amendment 1 to Sanitary Sewer Bylaw 6/2018.

This bylaw approves the 2019 utility rates for the Solid Waste, Water, Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Bylaws for rates to be implemented on January 1, 2019.

GPFC Recommendation: Bylaw 3/2019 Transportation System Bylaw (1st Reading)

Council provided 1st reading of Bylaw 3/2019, being Amendment 4 to the Transportation System Bylaw 10/2008. A Public Hearing date for Bylaw 3/2019 is scheduled for January 21, 2019.

Council Motion: Cemetery Infrastructure Assessment

Council supported a motion that administration assess the St. Albert Cemetery infrastructure, including but not limited to the entrance, road surface, and benches, compare it to the St. Albert Cemetery master plan, and provide recommendations to council for Cemetery maintenance and Improvements by April 30, 2019.

Council Motion: Amendment CM-18-045 Memorandum of Understanding – Active Communities

Council supported a motion that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) be executed with Active Communities by a mutually agreed date with Administration that will serve to support the concept of a Sport and Wellness Campus. Further, that the MOU contain therein a statement that the City of St. Albert has interest in providing up to $20 million towards the project, conditional on $10 million in federal funding and $10 million in provincial government funding being secured for the project and further that the project is contingent upon a value for money assessment by an outside consultant to a maximum of $10,000 from the Stabilization Fund and that the facility is built on land within the City of St. Albert which may include proposed annexed lands.

Council Motion: City of St. Albert Hardware Display Case

Council supported the following motions:

  • that the time requirement of notice of motion be waived as per Section 23.8 of Procedure Bylaw 3/2018.
  • that $7,500 be approved in 2018 from Council Contingency, on a one-time basis, for the construction of a City of St. Albert Hardware Display Case for St. Albert Place.

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