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City of St.Albert
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For Immediate Release | January 23, 2019

Council Briefs for January 21st

Council Briefs are provided for the benefit of community members with the intent of giving a short, informal report on what occurred at Council Meetings. For the official record, please review the Adopted Minutes, available on the City website. Webcasts of Council Meetings are available the day following a Council Meeting on the City website.

EAC 2018 Annual Report and 2019 Priorities

Council approved the Annual Environmental Advisory Committee Report “EAC 2018 Annual Report and 2019 Priorities,” with the addition of priority number 5: provide advice re: Net Zero Neighbourhood.

Civic Agencies Appointment to Seniors' Advisory Committee

Council approved that Valerie Ganske be appointed to the Seniors' Advisory Committee for a term ending December 31, 2021.

Lacombe Dog Park Plan

Council supported the motion of completion of Phase 1 of the Lacombe Lake Dog Friendly Park Development Plan at a total cost of $78,900 excepting the pee posts.

Council also supported a motion for Administration to provide to Council alternatives that could increase the setback on the west side of the Lacombe Dog Park by June 24, 2019, at a cost of not more than $15,000 funded from the dog licence fund.

Amendment to School Sites Allocation Agreement

Council received the agenda report dated January 21, 2019 entitled "School Sites Allocation Agreement" as information.

Council Policy Amendments: New Organizational Structure

Council approved the amendments indicated in Schedules “A” - “G”, provided as an attachment to the January 21, 2019 agenda report entitled “Council Policy Amendments - New Organizational Structure.”

Rail Safety Improvement Program and Funding

Council approved that the budget for the project 415102, Rail Safety Enhancement, be increased by $200,000 and funded from the Capital Reserve.

Cancellation of January 28, 2019 Council Meeting

Council approved the decision to cancel the regularly scheduled Council meeting on January 28, 2019.

Time Extension Request: Styrofoam Recycling at the Depot

Council approved the deadline extension for the Styrofoam Recycling at the Depot from January 2019 to the February 25, 2019 City Council meeting.

Bylaw 5/2019 Omnibus Amending Bylaw – New Organizational Structure

Council provided 1st, 2nd, and 3rd readings, passing Bylaw 5/2019.

Borrowing Bylaw North St. Albert Trail Corridor Management

Council provided 1st reading of Bylaw 9/2019.

Bylaw 3/2019 Transportation Systems Bylaw

  • Council opened and closed the public hearing for Bylaw 3/2019.
  • Council provided 2nd and 3rd reading, passing Bylaw 3/2019.

Information Item: Facility Development Collaborations: Regional Soccer

Council received as information the attachment to the January 21, 2019 agenda report entitled "Information Items."

Impact of FCSS Operating Grant Program Changes

The proposed motion that Administration review the impact of the recent changes to Policies C-CS-14 FCSS Operating Grant Program and C-CS-22 Outside Agency Grant Program and provide to Council recommendations regarding any changes to the current levels of support and provide a revised implementation plan for any expected decreased funding from the 2018 allocations, by April 30, 2019, was not moved.

Council also went in camera to discuss a land matter and have dialogue with the Chief Administrative Officer and themselves.

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