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For Immediate Release | July 13, 2017

Council Briefs for July 10th

Council Briefs are provided for the benefit of community members with the intent of giving a short, informal report on what occurred at Council Meetings. For the official record, please review the Adopted Minutes, available on the City website. Webcasts of Council Meetings are available the day following a Council Meeting on the City website.

Deliberations of Motions for 10 Year Growth Capital Plan

Council supported a motion to postpone the purchase of a fire aerial apparatus (FIRE-016) for three years, from 2019 to 2022.

A motion to postpone the Servus Place Co-generation energy project (CSS-005) for three years, from 2018 to 2021, was withdrawn.

Council supported a motion to postpone the Municipal Development Plan Full Review (PLAN-001) by one year, from 2018 to 2019.

Council supported a motion to postpone the Art Gallery of St. Albert Expansion (CULTR-002) from 2025 to 2027.

A motion to postpone the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP-006) by three years, from 2019 to 2022, was withdrawn.

These motions were received in response to a request made at the June 19, 2017 Standing Committee of the Whole meeting. Council members were requested to submit any BIR's (Budget Information Requests) and subsequent motions related the 10 Year Grown Capital Plan.

Approval of 2018-2027 Growth Plan

Council approved the 10 Year Municipal Growth Capital Plan, as amended. Council directed Administration to prepare and present a funding recommendation and further recommended amendments to the 10 Year Municipal Growth Capital Plan for the 2018 budget, to be included as part of the 2018-2020 Proposed Business Plan and Budget in November 2017. The purpose of seeking approval for proposed amendments to the 10 Year Municipal Capital Growth Plan prior to the presentation of the 2018-2020 Business Plan and Budget is to give Administration a starting point upon which to engage in a prioritization and funding recommendation process.

Report on “Group Homes”

Council received for information a Report on Group Homes and directed Administration to conduct a full review of the Land Use Bylaw as it pertains to Supportive Housing (Group Homes) and bring forward amendments to Land Use Bylaw 9/2005 by the end of Q2 2018 to better define, improve, categorize and provide provisions for Supportive Housing (Group Homes) use types based on best practices and provincial regulations. Council did not rescind a motion that Administration propose for Council’s consideration by August 31, 2017 all related Bylaw and Policy amendments that would result in creating a group home category that is a permitted use (CM-16-179).

Dismount Bike at Crosswalk

Council did not support a motion that a bylaw be created or appropriate bylaw be amended to require a bike rider to dismount and walk their bike when encountering a cross walk.

Borrowing Bylaw 24/2017

Council provided 2nd and 3rd reading, passing Bylaw 24/2017, the Borrowing Bylaw to finance the Branch Library, as amended. On April 18, 2017, Council supported a motion that Bylaw 24/2017 be amended to change the amount of the borrowing from $25 million to $21.9 million.

Bylaw 30/2017 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Integrated Care Community (ICC) District, Portion of Area B

Council opened a public hearing, provided 1st reading, closed the public hearing, provided 2nd and 3rd reading and passed Bylaw 30/2017, being amendment 150 to Land Use Bylaw 9/2005. The amendment redistricts a portion of Area B from ICC (Integrated Care Community) to C2 (General Commercial) to help reduce the vacancy that currently exists in the area. The ICC District was originally created in 2000 to form an Urban Village that focused on supportive living by integrating seniors housing (Area A) and health care related services (Area B) within a compact, walkable area. The purpose of the C2 Land Use District is to provide for the sale of goods and services to the whole community.

Library Space Solution Alternative

Council did not support a motion that Administration work with the library to present a project charter as an alternative to the library branch for the 2018 budget. The charter would have included moving CPS out of their current main floor office space and repurposing it for a library expansion; a plan for how the expansion space and current library space would be reorganized to optimize its use; the estimated renovation costs and any additional expected operating costs; the estimated renovation costs and a plan for where the CPS staff and any other affected staff would be relocated along with associated costs; a medium and long term option plan to move the museum and/or other office space in St. Albert Place and repurpose that space for the library, with the capital and operating costs to renovate that space for a further library expansion.

Library Space Solution Alternative Intensive Study

The proposed motion that the Library Space Solution Alternative project include a requirement that Administration develop a budget to cover the cost of an intensive study into all the factors involved in this project was not moved.

Transit Bylaw Update

Council provided 1st and 2nd reading of Bylaw 23/2017, a bylaw to operate a public transportation system. The new Bylaw maintains the overall intent of the original Transit Bylaw (34/86), which was drafted in 1986, but references new acts and legislation, and reflects new technologies that have developed since that time. The Bylaw will be considered for 3rd reading at the August 21, 2017 Council Meeting.

Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw 20/96

Council passed Bylaw 15/2017, a bylaw to provide for the licensing of tobacco retail operations. The new Bylaw features an update to the Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw to allow for licence transferability and prorated fees. The bylaw regulates which companies and staff within those companies can sell tobacco products.

Emergent FTE Request – Legislative Services

Council approved the addition of 1.00 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) to the Legislative Services department for a Manager, Records and Privacy position, and that the funding for this position is found within the current budget savings and efficiencies, and approved the following Postponed Budget Motion: That $87,000 be added to the 2018 operating budget for the annualized funding for the Manager, Records and Privacy to be funded through taxes (PM-06-2018).

Council Motion: Dynamyx Facility Needs Supplementary Report

Council supported a motion that Administration provide a report to Council by Q2 2018 recommending a growth plan for facility development including funding strategies, operating models and land requirements.

Council supported a motion that Administration return to Council in September with a report and with an examination of Gymnastics funding models.

Council supported a motion that Administration arrange a meeting with Dynamyx Gymnastics, Active Communities Alberta, St. Albert Soccer Association, and the City of Edmonton to explore a multipurpose privately owned recreation facility and come back with whatever process Administration recommends, whether it be an MOU, Terms of Reference, letter of support, etc. to advance this concept.

Council supported a motion that Administration, following discussion with the gymnastics clubs, return to Council in Q4/17 with a draft MOU that reflects joint gymnastics planning together with the City.

Council did not have any In Camera items to discuss.

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