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For Immediate Release | July 05, 2017

Council Briefs for July 4th

Council Briefs are provided for the benefit of community members with the intent of giving a short, informal report on what occurred at Council Meetings. For the official record, please review the Adopted Minutes, available on the City website. Webcasts of Council Meetings are available the day following a Council Meeting on the City website.

Public Consultation Plan

Council approved the Public Participation Plan, which presents the future plan for public participation activities including timing, method and use of community input related to Council’s strategic direction, City services and service levels, and the ongoing business plan and budget cycle.

St. Albert Broadband/Network Review

Council directed Administration to continue with its advocacy efforts to improve Internet speeds in local business areas, and to have the City offer licensed access to municipal fibre-optic infrastructure for third parties on a fee for service basis.

School Site Allocation Agreement Review

The current School Site Allocation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was implemented in June 2015. The MOU is used by the School Site Allocation Committee, made up of City Administration and School Board Members, to take school sites already identified by the City and assign them to the most appropriate and approved school development project. The intent of this review is to assess the effectiveness and pertinence of the School Site Allocation MOU and suggest improvements if needed.

Council directed Administration to:

  • Develop recommendations for amendments to the MOU jointly with the School Boards through the School Site Allocation Committee, based on recommendations presented in the June 2017 report entitled “St. Albert School Site Allocation Memorandum of Understanding Review”, which was presented at the June 13, 2017 Joint Use Annual Meeting.
  • Present recommendations for amendments to the School Site Allocation Agreement for Council’s consideration in April 2018.

Council also supported that Council Motion C435-2016 be brought back for Council consideration in Q2 2018. The motion asks for the City Manager to submit any school site proposals to City Council for approval prior to his agreement on the School Site Allocation Committee recommendations.

Erin Ridge North

The following bylaws present amendments to the Erin Ridge North Area Structure Plan (ASP) Bylaw 33/2009 and the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005 for the former Lutheran church lands at the corner of St. Albert Trail and Coal Mine Road in Erin Ridge North.

  1. Bylaw 9/2017 Erin Ridge North Area Structure Plan Amendment – Council approved Bylaw 9/2017 Erin Ridge North Area Structure Plan Amendment, which re-designates the King of Kings church site from institutional and a stormwater management facility to mixed-use commercial and residential.

    The Bylaw includes a text addition to Section 4.2 based on a Council Motion from June 26: "Traffic calming measures shall be considered for Ebony Way and the intersection of Ebony Way/Coal Mine Road to mitigate shortcutting traffic. These options will be considered at the time of development permit, subdivision and/or the neighbourhood traffic calming process."
  2. Bylaw 19/2017 Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Schedule A – Council approved Bylaw 19/2017 Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Schedule A, which re-designates the site to allow a mix of uses, as identified in the Area Structure Plan (mixed-use commercial with residential).

Public Hearing: Bylaw 8/2017 Proposed Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Amendments Regarding School Sites

Council reopened the public hearing to enter the decision by the Capital Region Board on the proposed MDP amendments. Council then closed the public hearing and provided second and third readings, which passed Bylaw 8/2017.

The proposed MDP amendments regarding school sites focus on: promoting the building of multi-storey schools where possible to maximize the use of limited amounts of reserve land; ensuring schools and accompanying park sites are dedicated early on in the residential build-out of the new Area Structure Plans so the sites can meet the needs of local students, and the accompanying park is available to residents; and aligning the language in the MDP to that of the Municipal Government Act with regards to taking extra municipal reserve (>10%) in higher density areas.

Council Motion: Borrowing Bylaw Amendment – Petition Period

Council supported a motion that Administration prepare draft amendments to all relevant policies and bylaws to require that a minimum of 60 days is provided between the first reading or amendments to the initial borrowing bylaw and the end of the petition period for all borrowing bylaws to provide a fair petition period for resident response and to have these brought back for Council’s approval by the end of Q1 of 2018.

Council Motion: Library Space Solution Alternative

Council supported the postponement of the Council Motion: Library Space Solution Alternative to the July 10, 2017 Council meeting.

Council Motion: Campbell Park Land Sales

Council supported a motion that the City take the City-owned lands currently for sale in Campbell Park off the market.

The City owns three vacant lands in the Campbell Business Park: 20 Carleton Drive (1.0 acres), 65 Carleton Drive (2.6 acres) and 40 Chevigny Street (1.4 acres). Only the 65 Carleton property is listed for sale.

The City has identified several land needs in its 10-year Capital Plan; however, it does not own sufficient vacant land to support those needs. Until a thorough evaluation can be completed by Administration to see if these lands may suit some of those needs, the lands in Campbell Park will be taken off the market.

Council Motion: Infill Development

Council supported a motion that Administration review existing guidelines respecting infill developments with a view to update the guidelines to deal with issues that have arisen over recent years and that Council receive the brief by Councillor Russell respecting both demolition and development issues.

Council Motion: St. Albert Pride Festival

Council supported a motion that Council request a recommendation from the Community Services Advisory Board regarding the addition of the St. Albert Pride Festival as a Recurring Community Event at an annual funding amount of $2,500, and if recommended for approval by CSAB and approved by Council, that the budget for the Community Events Grant be increased accordingly and that Administration update the respective Policies for Council approval.

Council Motion: Dismount Bike at Crosswalk

Council supported a motion to postpone the Dismount Bike at Crosswalk item until the July 10, 2017 Council meeting.

There were no in camera items discussed at the Council meeting.

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