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City of St.Albert
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For Immediate Release | June 12, 2018

Council Briefs for June 11th

Council Briefs are provided for the benefit of community members with the intent of giving a short, informal report on what occurred at Council Meetings. For the official record, please review the Adopted Minutes, available on the City website. Webcasts of Council Meetings are available the day following a Council Meeting on the City website.

Community Capital Program Grants – Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC) Recommendations

Council approved a recommendation to award the following 2018 Community Capital Program Grants:

  • St. Albert Curling Club: $18,013 for renovations to the Curling Club, including carpet replacement, painting, upgrades to lighting and AV systems.
  • St. Albert Minor Baseball Association: $49,590 for renovations to the clubhouse, replacements of backstops, two scoreboard replacements, and a field groomer.
  • St. Albert Nordic Ski Club: $7,924 for grooming equipment.
  • St. Albert Soccer Association: $32,136 for an indoor training space.
  • The Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert: $9,067 for kitchen renovations, electrical and lighting updates, and an accessible door.

Games Legacy Awards – (CSAC) Recommendations

Council approved a recommendation to award the following St. Albert Games Legacy Program grants:

  • Cantilon Chamber Youth Choir: $187.50 to each of the following St. Albert members: Alyssa Gallardo, Danika Grobbelaar, Lauren Hanson, Alyssa Kraus, Grayson Mackenzie, Faith Merryweather, Adam Skogstad, and Julianna Tinga to compete at the International Choir Competition in Hungary
  • Jacob Cole: $750 for the 2018 Karate Canada National Championships
  • Maureen Dwyer: $750 for the 2018 Boston Marathon
  • Bailey Fawcett: $750 for the 2018 Canadian Synchro Swimming Championships
  • Aidan MacLeod: $750 for the 2018 National Karate Championship
  • Kirsten McEachern: $750 for the 2018 Canadian Ringette Championships
  • Madelyn Radchenko: $750 for the 2018 Junior World Cheerleading Championships
  • Shailyn Rockey: $554.50 for the 2018 Junior World Cheerleading Championships

Community Events Grant – (CSAC) Recommendations

Council approved a recommendation to award the following St. Albert Community Event Grants:

  • St. Albert Sailfish Swim Club: $5,000 for the Summer Sailfish Swim Meet
  • St. Albert SLAM Basketball Club: $3,000 for the SLAM Youth Basketball Tournament
  • St. Albert Chamber Music Society: $1,200 for the Summer Music Concert
  • St. Albert Community Information & Volunteer Centre: $2,800 for the 2018 Volunteer Fair

Diversity & Inclusion Declaration

Council approved a recommendation to declare St. Albert a Welcoming and Inclusive Community. The purpose of creating such a Declaration is to publicly identify the City of St. Albert’s intention to enhance its capacity for social, cultural, and economic excellence due to the diversity of the community and inclusivity of all residents.

Directional Signage for Bike Riders

Council approved a motion to postpone this item until the Transportation Safety Strategy is brought forward to Council.

Zero Waste Process

Council approved a recommendation to integrate a zero waste / alternative servicing conceptual design into Administration’s existing investigation into delivering utility services. The conceptual design will include an initial engineering design of a scalable zero waste technology located within or adjacent to the Lakeview Business District. Council also received for information a report on the zero waste process.

Time Extension Request – Borrowing Bylaw – Petitioning Requirements

Council approved Administration’s request to extend the timelines for two items as follows:

  • Borrowing Bylaw - Petitioning Requirements - be extended from June 25, 2018 to September 10, 2018.
  • C-CS-04 - Public Art Policy - be extended from June 25, 2018 to September 10, 2018.

Bylaw 26/2018 – Seniors’ Advisory Committee (1st, 2nd and 3rd Readings)

Council approved a motion to postpone this item to the September 10, 2018 Governance, Priorities and Finance meeting.

Bylaw 10/2018 – 23 Bellerose Drive (1st Reading) and Direct Control Permit

Council provided First Reading to Bylaw 10/2018, and scheduled a Public Hearing for July 3, 3018. The Bylaw involves amending a portion of 23 Bellerose Drive to Corridor Commercial District from Direct Control District to accommodate an indoor storage facility and mini-storage.

Bylaw 11/2018 – Road Closure North of Jensen Lakes (2nd and 3rd Readings)

Council re-opened and closed the non-statutory Public Hearing and passed Bylaw 11/2018, thereby closing a portion of road north of Jensen Lakes, and that Council authorize the City Manager to dispose of the closed roadway as per Council Policy CC-ED-03.

Bylaw 18/2018 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Schedule C (2nd and 3rd Readings)

Council re-opened and closed the Public Hearing and passed Bylaw 18/2018, thereby amending Schedule C of the Land Use Bylaw to revert to previous language.

Annual Report Approval

Council received for information Administration’s 2017 Annual Report, which provides operational highlights, progress achieved towards implementing the City of St. Albert Strategic Plan, statistical information and discussion of the financial statements, and the approved audited consolidated financial statements.

Rescinding Internal Auditor and Internal Audit Committee Bylaw

Council did not support a motion that the Audit Committee Bylaw be rescinded, that $100,000 from Internal Auditor funding be reallocated to the City Manager to commission third party audits of Procurement Practices and Corporate Risk Management, and that the balance of $262,000 for Internal Auditing funding be reallocated to assessment of current corporate business processes and implementation of resultant recommendations to support planned Corporate Business Plan activities.

Firearms Retail Licence Bylaw

Council did not support a motion that Administration, by June 1, 2020, bring back a Firearm Retail Licence bylaw and/or amendments to the Land Use Bylaw for consideration, including feedback from the Policing Committee, with the intent of requiring all or some of the following:

  • Monitored video security on premises where firearms or ammunition are sold,
  • Concrete bollards to prevent drive through the front when applicable,
  • Guns cable locked to the rack and/or trigger-locked,
  • Restricted section locked with security curtains,
  • Heavy duty outside doors into locked vestibules,
  • A Business Licence fee that reflects Administration time required for reviewing applications and inspecting for compliance,
  • Any other recommendations that reflect a commitment to balancing community safety, reduction in crime, and supporting responsible firearms retailers.
  • Provisions similar to Section 7-36 of the TOBACCO RETAIL LICENSING BYLAW 15/2017 and/or Sections 3.3.1-3.3.4 of the AGLC cannabis retail security requirements.

Smoking Bylaw Amendment – Cannabis

Council supported a motion that the item be postponed to June 25, 2018

Notice of Motion

Council waived notice and supported a motion that $10,000 and other in-kind support (not to exceed $5,000.00), to be funded from the Stabilization Reserve, be allocated to the St. Albert Humboldt Remembrance Committee.

Council went in camera to hold dialogue with the City Manager.

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