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For Immediate Release | November 22, 2017

Council Briefs for November 20th

Council Briefs are provided for the benefit of community members with the intent of giving a short, informal report on what occurred at Council Meetings. For the official record, please review the Adopted Minutes, available on the City website. Webcasts of Council Meetings are available the day following a Council Meeting on the City website.

Utility Relief Grant Program Outcome

Council supported an amended motion that the Utility Relief Grant Program outcome decision recommendations 1,2, and 4 are postponed until the current approved funding is exhausted.

  • Recommendation 1) That the Utility Relief Grant be approved as an ongoing program offered by the City of St. Albert and that the Services and Service Levels Inventory be updated accordingly.
  • Recommendation 2) That the following postponed motion be approved:
    • PM-12-2018 - “That an initial amount of $45,000 be added to the 2018 Utility operating budget, with that amount to be reviewed annually based on program uptake, and the utility rates updated accordingly.”
  • Recommendation 4) That the remaining balance of the pilot project funds for the Utility Relief Grant of $122,493.70 be uncommitted within the Stabilization reserve.

Council also supported that the City Manager be authorized to enter into a service agreement with the St. Albert Community Village for purposes of administering applications for the Utility Relief Grant.
The Utility Relief Grant Program was a pilot program between 2015 and 2017. It was a collaborative effort between the City of St. Albert and the St. Albert Community Village and provided grant relief to low income households. The grant helped offset a capital contribution fee, which funds the City’s 10-year capital deficit, and increased utility rates.

2017 – 2018 Council Meeting Schedule Amendment

Council approved that the 2017 - 2018 Council Meeting Schedule be amended by deleting the Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Regular Council meeting and rescheduling it on Monday, October 1, 2018.

Bylaw 42/2017 – Road Closure of Surplus Roadway Along Villeneuve Road

Council opened and closed the public hearing and passed Bylaw 42/2017 to close a portion of surplus roadway along Villeneuve Road.

Council also authorized the City Manager to dispose of the closed roadway under the terms and conditions provided for in the November 20, 2017 Agenda Report entitled “Bylaw 42/2017 – Road Closure of Surplus Roadway Along Villeneuve Road”.

The proposed road closure, a portion of road right-of-way adjacent to Villeneuve Road in Jensen Lakes, complies with the Municipal Development Plan and Jensen Lakes Area Structure Plan (ASP). Based upon the ASP and the future roadway network, the additional road right-of-way adjacent to the Alliance Church is not required. The paved portion and function of Villeneuve Road will not be affected by the road closure.

53-57 Sturgeon Road Redevelopment

1. Bylaw 26/2017 53-57 Municipal Development Plan Amendment
2. Bylaw 27/2017 53-57 Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Schedule

A developer applied to redevelop the parcels at 53, 55, 57 Sturgeon Road, and a portion of 12P Berrymore Drive. The applicant is proposing to change the land use district from single-detached houses to townhouses and apartment building(s). The developer also proposed a land transaction with the City which involves the disposition of a portion of land (12P Berrymore Drive), and the acquisition of an equivalent amount of land near the Sturgeon River.

Council opened the public hearing for Bylaws 26/2017 (land swap) and Bylaw 27/2017 (redistricting). Council did not support 1st reading of Bylaw 26/2017, Being Amendment 18 to Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 15/2007.

Council provided 1st reading of Bylaw 27/2017, Being Amendment 148 to the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005, and supported that Bylaw 27/2017 be amended to reflect the defeat of the proposed land swap. The public hearing for Bylaw 27/2017 was adjourned to December 11, 2017.

Council Motion: St. Albert Handi-bus

The proposed motion was not moved to approve the Edmonton General Hospital as a required stop for St. Albert patients effective in 30 days.

Council Motion: Riel Park Signage

The proposed motion was not moved that signage signifying that Riel Business Park be updated to also include its residential nature and completed in 2019.

Council Motion: Sports “Wall of Fame”

The proposed motion was not moved that Administration explore opportunities for various Sports “Wall of Fame” similar to the ice sports one at Servus Place and provide a report to Council in 2020.

Council Motion: Stray Cats

Council supported the following motions:

  • that Administration provide an updated report by Q2 2019 to Council on any recommended bylaw amendments with estimated financial impacts related to adding cats to the animal bylaw, including options of both with and without restrictions on private property.
  • that the report shall include the results of a statistically significant survey and an online community input survey on potential changes of adding cats to the bylaw, and that up to $20,000 be funded from the stabilization reserve to cover the costs to complete this.

Council Motion: Appointment of Councillor Brodhead as Chair to Transit Board Members Committee

Council supported a motion that Councillor Brodhead be supported in the request from the Canadian Urban Transit Association to stand for the chair of the Transit Board Members Committee for their national association. The request is to stand for a two-year term. The funding source to support this request to be the Council Contingency Fund with an initial amount of $10,000 for 2018.

Council Motion: Facilitated Strategic Planning Session

Council supported a motion that $21,000 from the Stabilization Reserve be used to fund a facilitated Strategic Planning Session to be held in early 2018 in support of developing the 2019 St. Albert Strategic Plan.

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