For Immediate Release / September 26, 2019

Council Notice of Motion Regarding Marketing Flyers

Announcing via Media Advisory, as no Council meeting within one week

The City is continuing to inform residents, and members of the media, when Councillors provide a notice of motion and the next Council Meeting is more than one week away.

On September 26, 2019, Councillor Natalie Joly, via email, submitted the following notice of motion:

That by <Date to be determined>, Administration provide a report, including recommendations, that explores the possibility of requiring that marketing flyers delivered within St. Albert are an opt-in rather than an opt-out service, similar to email subscriptions, and that the issue is presented to the EAC for review and/or comment prior to being presented to Council.

Past practice was for Councillors to read notices of motion into the public record near the end of each regularly scheduled Council Meeting. This practice will continue and works well in situations where Council Meetings take place in consecutive weeks.

However, in situations where Council Meetings do not take place in consecutive weeks, the City will be issuing a media advisory to inform residents, and members of the media of any notices of motion received in the previous week.

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Last edited: October 7, 2019