For Immediate Release / December 16, 2022

City Offers New Winter Location to Dispose of Diseased Branches and Elm Wood

Starting on December 16, 2022, the City will begin accepting diseased branches and elm wood at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot during the winter months while the Compost Depot undergoes its seasonal closure. Having a bin available during the winter allows the City to provide a disposal site that better aligns with proper pruning times for black knot and elm trees.  

Trees are susceptible to diseases such as Dutch elm disease (DED) and black knot, and as these diseases can spread rapidly amongst trees throughout the City, a bin is now on site at the Recycling Depot to assist residents with disposing of these branches properly without causing further spread.  

Prune to Protect 

When it comes to elm trees, pruning must be done between October 1 and March 31, as the pruning cuts cause wounds that can attract the beetles that spread DED. St. Albert has established Bylaw #5-98, which makes it illegal to prune elms between April 1 and September 30 without express written permission from the city. Currently, St. Albert does not have any trees infected with DED and the establishment of Bylaw #5-98 is a preventative measure to help keep our trees as healthy as possible. 

Pruning for black knot is recommended during the winter months as well when the fungus is dormant. The fungus forms swollen black cankers or "knots" on the stems and twigs of infected trees. Black knot is well established throughout the province and is not regulated through any legislation. However, it is known to spread rapidly and has the potential to seriously deform the trees and spread to other trees in the area. 

Residents can also dispose of small diseased branches infected with black knot in a sealed bag in their Brown Garbage Cart to prevent the spread of spores. Elm wood must be brought to either the Recycling Depot or Compost Depot.  

Learn more about Recycling Depot hours of operation, tree diseases, pruning and proper disposal measures

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Last edited: December 16, 2022