For Immediate Release / March 7, 2023

City Expands Styrofoam Recycling at Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot

The City is excited to announce that starting on March 7, 2023, Styrofoam recycling has expanded at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot. Certain types of soft foam, coloured foam and meat trays are now able to be recycled along with previously accepted clean white packing blocks from electronics, appliances or furniture.  

To determine if Styrofoam is recyclable, check the item for a #4, #5 or #6 label and bring these items to the Recycling Depot today to be placed in the marked bins. If unsure, residents can also take a photo of the item and email it to or download the BeWasteWise app.   

In July 2019, the City launched a pilot Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) recycling program which was made permanent in 2020. Since starting the pilot, over 124 metric tonnes of Styrofoam have been diverted from the landfill and the City looks forward to increasing this number even further in the years to come.  

Give Your Styrofoam New Life 

Recycling Styrofoam is an easy way for St. Albertans to make a difference in their city and the environment as it allows the items to be recycled into products like picture frames, baseboards and airplane countertops. Styrofoam is melted and densified on- site at the depot and the densified blocks are sent away to be turned into useful items.  

Unacceptable Items 

Food take-out containers, packing peanuts and other items labelled with #7 should continue to be placed in the Brown Garbage Cart. Styrofoam is still not accepted in the Blue Recycling Bag through curbside pickup. Styrofoam placed in Blue Recycling Bags breaks apart easily in the transportation process, making it impossible to recycle and contaminating other materials. Just like glass, we ask that residents bring their Styrofoam to the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot for proper disposal.  

Residents are encouraged to download and print the Styrofoam Recycling Sorting Guide for quick reference as well as learn more about Styrofoam Recycling 101

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Last edited: March 7, 2023