For Immediate Release / September 7, 2022

Fountain Park Recreation Centre Closed Until Summer 2023

The City of St. Albert is committed to maintaining its recreation assets through its Capital Lifecycle Plan which requires major lifecycle upgrades to Fountain Park Recreation Centre.

As previously communicated, it is necessary to address structural issues found with the concrete slab between the leisure and competition pools, requiring a full-depth concrete slab replacement. The City’s priority is the health and safety of our employees and patrons, and this work ensures a safe facility for both when we reopen.

Following the completion of the concrete slab replacement, additional lifecycle work initially planned for a second facility closure in 2024 will commence immediately and is anticipated to be complete by summer 2023. 

Combining the concrete slab repair and the 2024 lifecycle work will result in cost savings of approximately half a million dollars and nine weeks less of overall impact to the facility than if it were broken into two separate closures. This will also help mitigate risks associated with procurement in the global supply chain, higher cost certainty against future year’s price escalation and limit the impacts of any future closures on employees and our community.

This additional lifecycle work will focus on aesthetic improvements including tile replacement, interior painting, building envelope improvements and accessibility upgrades. The accessibility upgrades will include improvements to the existing ramps at the front entrance and in the leisure pool, updated LED lighting throughout the entire facility to better support those with visual impairments and upgrades to the change rooms including new accessible bathroom stalls as well as new toilets, sinks and showers placed at an accommodating elevation. Barrier-free paths of travel will also be constructed throughout the entire main floor of the facility to ensure ease of movement for all.

Once this refurbishment is complete, we look forward to welcoming the community back to a revitalized facility, both aesthetically and operationally. Here are some preliminary conceptual renderings of Fountain Park Recreation Centre after this project work is complete:

Pool entrance rendering

Change room rendering

Pool rendering

Pool rendering

We understand extending this closure to summer 2023 is disheartening and appreciate patrons’ patience as we manage this facility closure. For over 40 years, Fountain Park has been the go-to facility in our community to provide opportunities for active and healthy recreational fun for our residents. By committing to this important work, it extends the life of the facility and ensures it will continue to provide quality enjoyment for many years to come.

For more information, visit Fountain Park Building Project page

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Last edited: September 7, 2022