For Immediate Release / June 23, 2022

Mutual Assistance Agreement Established Between City of St. Albert and Town of Morinville

The City of St. Albert and Town of Morinville have formalized a Fire Services agreement to aid one another in emergency situations. On June 1, 2022, signed copies of the Mutual Assistance Agreement were received by both partners. This agreement will enhance the safety of residents in both municipalities.  

“This agreement formalizes the collaborative relationship that we have with Morinville,” said Mayor Heron. “We are thankful that we can count on our neighbour and work in harmony to share resources when in need and improve public safety.”  

“The Town of Morinville is pleased to have formally established this Mutual Aid agreement with St. Albert. Collaboration is key to success and during challenging times we are thankful to know that we can count on our regional partner to provide support,” said Mayor Boersma. “This agreement, along with the recent signing of a recreation ICF truly benefits and strengthens both communities”. 

When a municipality responds to a local emergency, the need may arise to request assistance from a neighbouring community to aid in combating that situation. From time to time, the St. Albert Fire Service has reached out to its neighbours for assistance; the Citadel Mews fire in 2021 is just one recent example. Similarly, the Town of Morinville requested assistance from the City of St. Albert that same year during a fire at their historic St. Jean Baptiste Parish.  

When such requests are required, they are made under a long-standing regional agreement, the Municipal Services Mutual Aid Agreement. Anticipating future reciprocal requests, the City of St. Albert and Town of Morinville agreed that a modern independent Mutual Aid Agreement is required. Under the agreement, both parties may request assistance for: personnel, equipment, standby coverage, etc.

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Last edited: June 23, 2022