For Immediate Release / May 4, 2021

Operational and Fiscal Review Now Complete

On May 3, 2021, Ernst & Young (EY) presented City Council with the Phase Two Report and the Executive Report of the Operational and Fiscal Review they have undertaken over the last seven months.

EY had positive things to say about the City and how it is run, including the proactive steps taken to reduce expenses, streamline operations, and prioritize service delivery to the community. Prior to the Operational and Fiscal Review completed by EY, City Administration did significant work to address opportunities to work towards fiscal sustainability, including cost reduction, implementation of Priority Based Business Planning and Budgeting, and several internally and externally completed process and service reviews.

The EY review identified 40 opportunities in total. EY noted that the City’s work to identify and action short-term measures enabled them to focus on medium- to long-term opportunities for efficiencies, cost avoidance, revenue generation, cost recovery, modernization, cost savings and productivity gains. A number of the opportunities identified by EY involve exploring new models and more efficient ways of delivering programs and services. 

Although not included in the EY review, the City is also doing a separate feasibility study on an energy corporation. Administration is undertaking the study in response to a Council motion on December 21, 2020 and will be coming back to Council in June 2021

It is important to note that the opportunities identified are recommendations from EY. Administration and Council require further analysis of potential opportunities to ensure assumptions provided are relevant for the City of St. Albert. Although many opportunities are already in progress, some further analysis is required in order to ensure Administration proceeds with the initiatives projected to result in the highest return on investment and are prioritized with the work already in progress to achieve desired Council Strategic Plan and Corporate Business Plan outcomes.  Also, some opportunities require investment before they can be implemented, and benefits realized.

The City is committed to revenue generation and is currently asking residents to share ideas through the Cultivate the Conversation platform on ways the City can generate new revenue streams to minimize the need for future tax increases. 

Administration will share the implementation progress update to Council in late June to provide information related to opportunities identified by EY, their status and plans for implementation.  
The EY reports and the Administration response are available at the links below: 

  • The Executive Report provides an overall summary of findings of the entire review and opportunities identified in both phases.
  • The Phase Two Report provides a summary of findings from phase two departments reviewed, including the opportunities identified. 
  • The Phase Two Management Response summarizes Administration’s perspective on the opportunities in the EY report.

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