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Photo Enforcement Sites - December 2021

The City of St. Albert is sharing its photo enforcement Site of the Day locations for December 2021. 

Enforcement is only one piece of an effective traffic safety program, which also includes engineering, education and evaluation. Provincial policy requires St. Albert Municipal Enforcement to advertise select photo enforcement sites. The City has posted a static and an interactive map of all RCMP approved photo enforcement locations. Click on the Automated Traffic Enforcement Location Static Map or the Interactive Photo Enforcement Map. Site of the Day notification is one part of St. Albert’s ongoing education campaign, which focuses on defensive and safe driving habits.   

Photo enforcement is expected to be operating at the following locations on the dates noted:  

December 1 – Erin Ridge Drive near École Alexandre Taché & Villeneuve Road near Dennison Drive 

December 2 – Mission Avenue near École Father Jan & Gervais Road near Goodridge Drive 

December 3 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near Sir Alexander Mackenzie School & Bellerose Drive near Eastbrick Place 

December 4 – St. Albert Trail near Neil Ross Road & Grandin Road near Gate Avenue 

December 5 – Bellerose Drive near Evergreen Drive & St. Albert Trail near Mission Avenue 

December 6 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near École Marie Poburan & Deer Ridge Drive near Devon Close 

December 7 – Hogan Road near Sturgeon Heights School & St. Albert Trail near Green Grove Drive 

December 8 – Sunset Boulevard near Holy Family Catholic School & Bellerose Drive near Oak Vista Drive 

December 9 – Everitt Drive near Lois E. Hole School & Eldorado Drive near Eastcott Drive 

December 10 – Larose Drive near Bertha Kennedy School & St. Albert Trail near Neil Ross Road   

December 11 – Forest Drive near Forest Park & Dawson Road near Leddy Avenue 

December 12 – Dawson Road near Langholm Drive & Boudreau Road near Bellerose Drive 

December 13 – Grenfell Avenue near Wild Rose School & Giroux Road near North Ridge Drive 

December 14 – Heritage Drive near École La Mission & McKenney Avenue near Hogan Road 

December 15 – Langley Avenue near Ronald Harvey School & Grandin Road near Glen Meadow Crescent 

December 16 – Cunningham Road near Leo Nickerson School & Gervais Road near Grange Drive 

December 17 – Gainsborough Avenue near Albert Lacombe School & Ray Gibbon Drive near Sturgeon Bridge 

December 18 – McKenney Avenue near Morgan Crescent & Ray Gibbon Drive near LeClair Way 

December 19 – Gervais Road near Goodridge Drive & Poirier Avenue near Parkwood Drive 

December 20 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near St. Anne Street & Erin Ridge Drive near Elliot Place 

December 21 – Dawson Road near Leddy Avenue & Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near Park Avenue 

December 22 – Lennox Drive near Liberton Drive & Villeneuve Road near Dennison Drive 

December 23 – Erin Ridge Drive near Ellesmere Drive & Bellerose Drive near Eastbrick Place 

December 24 – St. Albert Trail near St. Anne Street 

December 27 – McKenney Avenue near Mission Ridge Mall & Sturgeon Road near Woodlands Road 

December 28 – Liberton Drive near McKenney Avenue & Sturgeon Road near Red Willow Park 

December 29 – Villeneuve Road near Ray Gibbon Drive & Deer Ridge Drive near Dennison Drive 

December 30 – Boudreau Road near Bellerose Drive & Deerbourne Drive near southside of park 

December 31 – Grandin Road near Glen Meadow Crescent & Lennox Drive near Liberton Drive 

Watch for daily posts at 6 a.m. on the City of St. Albert Facebook page and on Twitter @CityofStAlbert. December Site of the Day notifications are also posted on the City’s Photo Enforcement Locations web page. 

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