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For Immediate Release | March 25, 2019

Pick Up or Pay Up

Zero-tolerance enforcement campaign in April

Municipal Enforcement Services will be increasing patrols in April to reinforce responsible pet ownership among dog owners. While many residents fall into the category of responsible dog owners, others don’t. The City hopes a zero-tolerance enforcement campaign around “Pick Up or Pay Up” will emphasize the importance of picking up after your dog and being respectful of your fellow residents. The City also hopes it will help change behaviour among residents who do not follow the rules.

Officers will have zero tolerance for the following Animal Bylaw provisions:    

  • All dog feces must be picked up immediately when not on the owners’ property.  
  • Dog owners/walkers must always have a plastic bag or other appropriate means to be able to pick up after their dogs. They must be able to show the bag if asked by a peace officer.
  • Residents must always bring their own bags, and if they wish, they can provide extra disposable bags for the dispensers for others to use.

Dog feces around parks and trails continues to be a common complaint received by Municipal Enforcement Services. As a result of continued non-compliance, the City has had to hire a contractor to conduct two annual ‘clean ups’ a year – one in late spring/early summer after snow melt and the other in the fall before snow fall. A total of 4.1 metric tons of dog feces was collected in 2015, 5.8 metric tons in 2016, 3.7 metric tons in 2017, and 2.6 metric tons in 2018. While the amount of clean up required has been reduced, it’s important to reinforce that the onus to clean up after one’s pet must be on the dog owner.

The zero-tolerance enforcement campaign will occur throughout the city. While there will be an increased focus in April, enforcement of the Animal Bylaw continues year-round to promote responsible pet ownership and to further strengthen City education messaging. For information on the Animal Bylaw, visit the City website at

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