For Immediate Release / November 2, 2021

Proposed Financial Plan & 2022 Budget Presented to Council

At the November 2, 2021 City Council Meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Scoble presented Council with Administration’s Proposed Financial Plan and 2022 Budget.  

The City’s business planning and budget process is a comprehensive undertaking that is guided by the Community Vision, Council’s Strategic Plan and resident feedback, including Budget World Café discussions, an online platform, and resident feedback from the membership of the various committees of Council and stakeholder groups, to help ensure the plan and budget reflect priorities identified by the community. It also considers the need for restraint resulting from the reality of today’s provincial and federal economies and the continued decline of external funding sources.  

As we move into year one of Council’s four-year term, Administration continues its focus on Council’s six overarching priorities: growth, economic development, building a transportation network, infrastructure investment, housing and social well-being, and environmental stewardship. In February, Council will undertake strategic planning sessions and the City’s focus will shift to align with the priorities that are set during these sessions.    

To support and achieve these desired outcomes, Administration developed the Proposed Financial Plan and 2022 Budget, which is intended to:   

  • Optimize service levels where appropriate;   
  • Support growth to move Council’s Strategic Plan forward; and,   
  • Maintain and plan for various infrastructure projects.     

Long-term fiscal sustainability is also one of the City’s top priorities. Administration is focused on developing revenue generation opportunities, cost-saving initiatives, process efficiency improvements and the creation of regional partnerships and collaborative opportunities where appropriate. To achieve financial sustainability, the budget focuses on corporate budget adjustments, deferring operating business cases and proposing reduction in service levels to re-prioritize resources. This allows the City to continue to deliver those programs and services most valued by residents and businesses while minimizing tax increases.    

Proposed Operating Budget – For 2022, Administration is proposing an operating budget of $117.1 million, which yields an overall average municipal property tax increase of 2.5 per cent. This consists of a 1.5 per cent increase focusing on addressing the funding deficit relating to repairing, maintaining and/or replacing (RMR) existing municipal infrastructure, such as roads and trails. The 2022 proposed Operating Budget is not recommending any operating business cases and is applying the new assessment growth to offset the tax increase in these challenging economic times.    

Proposed Municipal Capital Budget – The proposed municipal capital budget of $63.7 million includes 29 capital charters (requests of funding for projects) focusing on repairing, maintaining and or replacing (RMR) existing municipal infrastructure, and 15 capital charters that address community growth.    

Proposed Utility Capital Budget – The proposed utility capital budget of $16.6 million includes 10 capital projects, which focus on repairing, maintaining and/or replacing existing utility infrastructure, such as in-ground infrastructure like stormwater and sewage pipes. The proposed monthly utility bill will yield an average increase of 4.5 per cent or a change of $5.97 per month compared to last year.    

“As part of the budget process the City is using an online platform, Cultivate the Conversation, to gather input from residents. Council encourages all residents to participate in upcoming budget opportunities,” says Mayor Cathy Heron. “It is important to offer accessible engagement opportunities to residents so that they can have their say on what priorities matter most to them. Their feedback will help us better understand their needs as we move forward.”   

Residents are invited to have their say online from November 2 to 23, 2021. All input will be shared with City Council and inform their decision-making on the 2022 budget. To participate, visit  

For more information on the proposed financial plan and 2022 budget, as well as the full budget document, visit the 2022 Budget page.  

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