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Public Complaint Director Active

Find out how to contact the Public Complaint Director and for what purposes

The Public Complaint Director (PCD) assists members of the public in understanding the complaint process regarding service provided by the St. Albert Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), or conduct attributed to member(s) of the St Albert RCMP. The PCD position operates independently from the RCMP and is performed by a volunteer who serves as a public member of the St. Albert Policing Committee.

Complaints can be initiated by:

  • Someone to whom the conduct was directed or a guardian of such person.
  • Someone who heard or saw the conduct.
  • Someone approved by written permission to act on behalf of the complainant.
  • Someone who suffered loss, damage, distress, danger or inconvenience as a result of the conduct.

The City wants residents to know the Public Complaint Director is active and can be reached by phone at 587-926-2519 or email at Please contact them if you have any questions about this process.

Learn more about the PCD and the complaint process at and search Public Complaint Director.

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