For Immediate Release / May 19, 2020

Update on the City of St. Albert's Response to COVID-19

Update for May 19, 2020

The City of St. Albert is taking a thoughtful and measured approach to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community. In an effort to keep residents and visitors informed, below is a summary of some current information to be aware of.

COVID-19 Recovery Task Force

At the May 19, 2020 Council Meeting, Council announced the members appointed to the City’s Recovery Task Force. The Task Force will support Administration in building a Recovery Plan with potential actions to help residents, community partners, and businesses recover from COVID-19 impacts in the mid- to long-term.

The appointments include both Council members and public members:

  • Mayor Heron
  • Councillor MacKay
  • Councillor Hansen
  • Sandyne Beach McCutcheon
  • Dan Holman
  • Jason Kripps
  • Jennifer McCurdy
  • Susan Monson
  • Nick Parkinson
  • Alan Thom

The City looks forward to working with the community to build a comprehensive Recovery Plan for St. Albert. The public members of the Recovery Task Force form a cross-section of the community, with relevant governance, business, non-profit or volunteer experience. Council appreciates all the applicants who expressed interest in serving on the Task Force.

Play Structure and Outdoor Fitness Equipment Opening

The Government of Alberta has updated its guidelines for outdoor amenities making it feasible for St. Albert to re-open play structures and outdoor fitness equipment. 

On May 19, St. Albert City Council approved re-opening these amenities between May 20 and June 6, 2020. Prior to any re-opening, Canadian Standards Association inspections and maintenance work will be completed to ensure the safety of users.

Play structures at Lions Park and Rotary Park will be opened on May 20, 2020 as of 10 a.m.

After inspections and preparations are successfully completed, an additional 37 play structures will be re-opened for public use on May 23, 2020 at 8 a.m.

The remainder of the structures will open by June 6, 2020.  

Play structures will be re-opened at City park sites first, followed by community park sites, neighbourhood park sites and outdoor fitness equipment.

Use is discouraged as outdoor amenities will not be sanitized. Do not use equipment that is still marked closed.

To see which play structures have been re-opened, visit the City website at and click on Now Open.

Off Leash Dog Parks

As of May 20, 2020, the City of St. Albert will unchain the gates at off-leash dog parks so they will no longer be locked in the open position. This will take effect at Lacombe Lake Dog Park by 10 a.m., and at off-leash dog parks located in outdoor rinks by 12 p.m. Directional signage for entrances continues to be posted at off-leash, rink-enclosed dog parks and Lacombe Lake Dog Park. Owners must always maintain complete control of their pet and keep them within sight and verbal command range.
As per the direction of Alberta Health Services (AHS), groups within the dog park must follow all mass gathering guidelines. While using the park, people should maintain physical distancing of at least two metres apart from other users. Please remember to wash or sanitize your hands before and after using the facility and do not touch your face.

Updated Financial Scenarios

At the May 19, 2020 Council Meeting, Administration presented updated financial scenarios for Council’s information. The presentation shared updated projections for the City’s net revenue and cash flow due to the impact of COVID-19. The scenarios are based on an October 1, 2020 date for City facility and program re-openings.

  • As of May 13, 2020, Administration has estimated the following:
    • Total forecasted revenue impact is $2.6 million
    • Total offsetting expense savings are $1.7 million
    • Total direct incident response is $0.9 million (excluding forecasted property tax deferrals)
    • Overall, the total COVID-19 financial impact to the City up to May 13, 2020 is $1.8 million.
  • Administration continues to look for ways to reduce expenses to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the City’s financial situation and to minimize any potential deficit for the 2020 fiscal year.
    • As a result of these efforts to date, additional expense savings of $2.3 million have been actioned which has reduced the annual projected deficit (as reported on April 20,2020) from $6.0 million to $3.9 million.

Tax Rate Bylaw

At the May 19, 2020 Council meeting, Council approved Bylaw 29/2020, which authorizes the rates of property taxation.

Bylaw 29/2020 set the following municipal property tax rates:

  • General municipal levy tax rates
  • Servus Place capital debenture tax rates
  • Annexation lands tax rates

Bylaw 29/2020 also sets the additional tax rates below:

  • 2020 Provincial Education Requisition tax rates
  • 2020 Homeland Housing Requisition tax rates
  • 2020 Designated Industrial Property tax rates

The average residential dwelling referred to below is based on a 2019 tax year assessed value of $440,000.

The average non-residential warehouse referred to below is based on a 2019 tax year assessed value of $1,000,000.

The following tax impacts apply to an average residential dwelling and non-residential warehouse, that have experienced the average assessment change for that property class.

Residential example

  • Municipal Levy: Taxes increase by $67 = 1.9 per cent
  • Education Levy: Taxes decrease by $18 = -1.6 per cent
  • Homeland Housing Levy: Taxes increase by $1 = 1.6 per cent
  • Overall tax change: Taxes increase by $50 = 1.0 per cent

Non-residential example

  • Municipal Levy: Taxes increase by <$4 = 0.0 per cent
  • Education Levy: Taxes increase by $273 = 8.1 per cent
  • Homeland Housing Levy: Taxes decrease by $1 = -0.7 per cent
  • Overall tax change: Taxes increase by $276 = 1.9 per cent

Closures to City facilities

No new closures as of May 19, 2020.

Suspension of City programs or services

No new suspensions as of May 19, 2020.

City services still open/operating

Unless listed on the facility closures or listed above, all City services are still available for access by phone, email or online.

Cancellation of City events

No new cancellations as of May 19, 2020.

Please check the City’s website and social media for updates and further information. The City thanks its residents and patrons as we work through our response to COVID-19.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the Alberta Health Services website, a link to which is available at

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