For Immediate Release / August 5, 2020

Update on City of St. Albert's Response to COVID-19

Update for August 5, 2020 

The City of St. Albert continues to take a thoughtful and measured approach in its response to COVID-19. Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, this information is considered current as of the date of distribution. 

Face Covering Bylaw

For the safety and protection of our community, on August 4, 2020, St. Albert City Council passed the Face Coverings Bylaw, which requires face coverings to be worn at all indoor public places within St. Albert starting at 12:01 a.m. on August 8, 2020. This new measure is being introduced after careful consideration by Council on various factors, including the public health recommendations from the Province, continuing Alberta’s relaunch strategy, as well as regional considerations.  

Indoor public places means any indoor property, whether publicly or privately owned that can be accessed by the public. This includes retail locations, restaurants, entertainment venues, recreation centres, transit stations and more. This also includes vehicles for hire. The bylaw does not cover parts of a generally publicly accessible place designated as “staff only” areas, although the owner or occupier can choose to require their employees to wear face coverings in the “staff only” places if they so desire. 

Awareness on the importance of wearing a face covering in the required areas is the City’s primary focus and will play a key role in compliance, rather than enforcement. A public awareness campaign will be delivered through the City’s communication channels. St. Albert businesses will also have access to downloadable materials, including a frequently asked questions documents and a face coverings sign, by August 8, 2020.

Note: Effective August 1, 2020, face coverings are required in all civic facilities and on St. Albert Transit. 

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Resumption of In-person Council Meetings

On August 4, 2020, St. Albert City Council approved that Council and Standing Committee meetings will resume in Council Chambers and the Douglas Cardinal Boardroom beginning August 17. Council members, Administrative staff and the public will have the option of participating in these meetings electronically.  

City Council also approved a suite of safety measures to be implemented to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 during in-person meetings, including:

  • Pre-screening questionnaire for Councillors and Administration before entering the meeting room.
  • Maintaining physical distancing with installed plexiglass guards, where possible 
  • Council and Administration are required to wear face coverings while getting to their respective stations; once seated, face coverings can be removed. 
  • Everyone in the public gallery must wear a face covering.
  • Hand sanitizer stations available at entrances.

There will be a number of new procedures, in addition to the above, that must be followed for in-person meetings. 

  • Signage will be posted to instruct members of the public to not enter the meeting room if they are ill. 
  • The public gallery in Council Chambers and the public seating area in the Douglas Cardinal Boardroom will be open to the public and the media, with modifications.
    • To support physical distancing, signage will be placed on chairs that will not be available for use.
  • A physical guard will be installed at the public podium to protect employees below. 
    • Members of the public will be required to use the cleaning product available at the podium to wipe down the area, after addressing Council. 
  • In camera meetings will now take place in Council Chambers, rather than the Council Lounge. If the need arises to go in camera, the Chair will ask the public and the media to leave the gallery. All attendees will be notified by an employee once the in camera meeting has concluded. 

While the Council Chambers and the public gallery will be open to the public, the City strongly encourages residents to continue to make their presentations electronically from a remote location.

The City thanks its residents and patrons as we work through our response to COVID-19.

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