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For Immediate Release | June 02, 2017

St. Albert Residents Invited to Test Smart City Sensors

The City of St. Albert has launched a second Smart City sensor pilot as part of its review of wireless sensor networks and data management platforms. The sensor pilot is also intended to stimulate community engagement in St. Albert’s Smart City initiatives. This pilot will involve participants connecting sensor kits at home, which will contribute real-time air quality data.

The pilot will commence with a workshop where participants will gather to learn about Smart Cities, assemble their sensors, learn to connect them to their home Wi-Fi network and view their data online. Participation is open to any St. Albert resident who is curious about sensors, moderately “tech savvy” and who enjoys trying new things. There is no cost for the group of participants, as the sensors, online platform access and workshop will be provided. All information collected will also be non-personalized to limit any privacy impacts. Access to the online platform will also be ensured until March 2019 or later. Residents will get to keep the sensor equipment.

“Our residents are the most important part of our Smart City efforts and I am very pleased that they have the opportunity to engage directly in one of our pilot projects,” says Mayor Nolan Crouse. “This pilot will provide a fun, easy way for people to engage in the exciting world of sensors and the ‘internet of things.’ I hope our residents apply to be involved and to learn more.”

The pilot aligns directly with St. Albert’s Smart City Master Plan – a guiding document that describes how the community will advance innovation and collaboration efforts, and apply new technologies and data sources for public benefit. The delivery of small pilot projects, the expanded use of sensors to collect and respond to live data, and the fostering of St. Albert’s “living lab” reputation each were referenced as priorities within the Master Plan.

To support the pilot, staff in the City’s Innovation and Technology Services department have partnered with Alberta technology company SensorUp. SensorUp is focused on making information from different kinds of sensors accessible and interoperable by using open standards. SensorUp approached the City to participate in its “Smart Citizens for Smart Cities Canadian Tour” to bring education about Smart Cities to the people, and in recognition of St. Albert’s Smart City leadership.

The sensors collect instant readings on air quality (fine particulate matter), air temperature and humidity. The data is then transmitted wirelessly every few minutes via each resident’s home Wi-Fi network, and stored within SensorUp’s open standards-based platform to make the results available through a shared web portal.

Participants may view their data and trends, or the aggregated information of other participants, from their computer or mobile device. It is important to note that the collection of air quality data from the sensors is not the primary focus of the pilot, and not intended to replace data collected from St. Albert’s fixed air quality monitoring station. The air quality monitoring station generates highly accurate and reliable data that supports precise decision-making and benchmarking among communities.

The pilot is scheduled to commence on July 8, 2017 with a participant workshop. Residents are encouraged to sign-up for consideration at before June 23.

For more information on St. Albert’s Smart City Master Plan and the City’s current initiatives, visit

For more information on SensorUp and its Smart Cities Canadian Tour, visit

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