Public Participation

Have Your Say on City Initiatives!

City Council, or a delegated authority of Council, makes the decisions on planning proposals. Public participation is how residents and other stakeholders are informed, consulted and heard before that decision is made. Different methods of public participation include public hearings, public notification, appeals, public meetings, open houses, surveys or focus groups.

The City is required by provincial law to notify the people who live or own land near a project of upcoming public hearings or of certain decisions by the City related to that project.

Cultivate the Conversation

St. Albert has a new platform, named Cultivate the Conversation, for its active participation opportunities. Engage with the City and fellow residents through discussion forums, idea boards, interactive maps, polls and surveys.

Visit Cultivate the Conversation

More Information

C-CAO-20 Public Participation Policy

Planning Primer

Public Participation Guidelines

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Last edited: December 20, 2023