Kingsmeade Park Development

The first phase of public participation closed on September 7, 2020 and the feedback is now available in the What we Heard report.

The second phase of development  helped guide the park design.

Residents were invited to join an online presentation on October 15, 2020 for an overview of the concept plan options and an opportunity to ask questions directly to the project team. A video recording of the presentation can be viewed below. 

An online survey was available until October 26, 2020 to gather feedback about the two concept plans. The information from this phase of engagement will guide the selection and final details of the concept plan for Kingsmeade Park. The results and final concept plan will be shared in December 2020. 

Concept Design Presentation 

The full Q&A from the presentation is available for review.

Concept Plans


Kingsmeade Park Project Summary Video

The City of St. Albert is developing a new park in the Kingswood neighbourhood to increase recreation opportunities for all neighbourhood residents. 

The proposed Kingsmeade Park is located within the Pineview II/Kingswood Area Structure Plan (ASP). This 2.3 hectare park is a portion of the identified Municipal Reserve required for the completion of the neighbourhood. The acquisition of this land approved by Council in February 2020.

As the site is currently districted Urban Reserve (UR) within the City’s Land Use Bylaw, a redistricting process has been initiated to change the designation to Public Park (P). This process is tentatively scheduled for Council consideration in November 2020.

Providing park spaces and recreation amenities directly within a community helps improve neighbourhood connectedness and quality of life for area residents. Residents of Kingswood have access to a number of recreation amenities, including Servus Place, with varying degrees of walkability.

The proposed site is a community park within the City’s Parks and Open Spaces Standards and Guidelines. Community parks are intended to provide structured recreation opportunities not available in smaller neighbourhood parks and may include a wide variety of recreation amenities  All community parks include:

  • an identification sign 
  • bike rack(s) 
  • waste receptacle(s) 
  • benches along trails (one every 400 meters, if applicable)  

Read the full backgrounder about the project.

Project Timelines

This project has been fully funded. Construction is tentatively planned for 2021 and the length of construction is dependent on the final design, complexity of amenities and weather during the construction season. Timelines are tentatively:

  • Redistricting – Fall/Winter 2020 
  • Concept Plan Completion – Late 2020 
  • Detailed Design – Winter 2020/2021 
  • Construction – 2021/2022 
  • Park Opening – To be confirmed in 2021

How are decisions made about what to build in the park?

Public input is used to inform four key development areas:

Sustainable Decision Venn Diagram

  1. Environmental Sustainability. Assessment of environmental constraints and issues that will need to be considered throughout the project. For this site, known environmental considerations include: 
    • Retention of the existing evergreen trees 
    • On-site stockpiling of marginal soils (“snakepitting”) that may need removal
  2. Technical Feasibility. There are both opportunities and constraints with the location, configuration and size of the site that will impact the final design. Major considerations include: 
    • Safety along Kingswood Boulevard 
    • Existing grade (slope) of the land 
    • Potential impacts to neighbouring landowners and fit with future development around the park.   
    • Alignment to existing City policies, standards and guidelines  
  3. Financial Feasibility. This input considers the budget available for construction and weighs the long term operational and replacement costs of different elements of the park. Major considerations include: 
    • Potential servicing costs
    • Need to complete basic development (grading, grass and trees, managing environmental issues) before allocating budget for amenities  
  4. Publicly Acceptable. This area considers the needs and desires of the community, along with the potential impacts from the park development. Broader City-wide recreation amenities needs are also a major input. Considerations will include:    
    • Public engagement information including community survey results
    • City of St. Albert Community Needs Assessment 

Next Steps

The concept plan will then be brought to detailed design where the technical details are drafted and any further concerns or technical issues resolved. A final opportunity for residents to review and provide input on the detailed design will be held in winter 2020/2021.   

Alongside the park planning process is the redistricting of the site and subdivision. This linked process is tentatively scheduled to begin in late fall 2020. 

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Last edited: November 23, 2020