Proposed 2020 Budget Input

Thank you for providing your input on what you believe the City's priorities should be over the next budget year.  By using the online tool, residents were provided with a more convenient opportunity to participate in budget discussions. 

The Insights are in! All responses received were grouped into nine major themes (Insights). This information, as well as all responses, are being shared with City Council to inform their decision-making on the 2020 budget. 

Responses to each Insight will be completed after the budget is approved in mid-December. 

To see the Insights and all responses, View Insights


On October 28, 2019, Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Scoble presented City Council with Administration’s Proposed Financial Plan and 2020 Budget

For the 2020 Budget, the City is proposing a 2.4 per cent property tax increase. This consists of a 0.9 per cent increase to maintain current services, as well as a 1.5 per cent increase focusing on repairing, maintaining and/or replacing (RMR) existing municipal infrastructure.

  • The City is facing a significant funding challenge on municipal infrastructure over the next ten years. Council approved the 1.5 per cent property tax increase for the next three years to start addressing this challenge. Administration is working on various long-term solutions to help offset the impact of RMR on municipal taxes.
  • The remaining 0.9 per cent increase is focused on maintaining the City’s current services.

Proposed 2020 Budget

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Last edited: December 16, 2019