Grey Nuns White Spruce Park Planning

Public Participation Results

Over 140 surveys were completed through the open house at the Kinsmen Banquet Centre on October 8, 2019, and the online survey from October 8-22, 2019. This feedback has been used to refine the park plan and ensure a strong vision for the Grey Nuns White Spruce Park. 

Public Engagement Results and Revised Designs 

Public Engagement Report
This report summarizes the public engagement results and key themes.

Proposed Park Design
Showing the trail map and interpretive area designs prior to public engagement. The highlighted yellow illustrates how public feedback was used to revise the designs.

Revised Park Design
This document shows the new trail map and interpretive area designs with the revisions completed. The City will be moving forward with these designs.

Design Principles
The principles guiding the development and refinement of the park design.

Looking Forward

Construction of this project is funded with construction timelines still to be determined.

Background Information

The Grey Nuns White Spruce Park (GNWSP) is a unique park that includes the White Spruce Forest, which is a designated Municipal Historic Resource.

The park is valued for the recreation opportunities it provides and how it connects to St. Albert’s cultural and historic past. With the development of Riverside and increasing use of the GNWSP, there is a need to provide better access to the area while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the White Spruce Forest.

About the Project

The City is developing a park plan that will allow the public opportunities to enjoy and learn about the historic and cultural significance of the area while protecting the forest through an appropriate trail system and amenities. Plans include different types of trails, a nature play space, picnic shelter and interpretive areas. This is part of the Red Willow Park West Master Plan, which was completed in 2018.

Map of GNWSP boundary where park development will be happening:

Grey Nuns White Spruce Park boundary map

Learn more about the GNWSP

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Last edited: July 7, 2021