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Universal Accessibility

About the Project

How do we make St. Albert’s City facilities accessible for all ages and abilities? Buildings that are simple and safe to use whether you are young or old, use mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers, are visually or hearing impaired, or are pregnant or have your leg in a cast?

The City is embarking on the Universal Accessibility Prioritization Planning project which will help prioritize the actions needed to provide universal and barrier-free access in municipally-owned buildings and public spaces. It’s about creating a world that’s comfortable for all.

Universal access refers to creating environments, programs and services that respond to the needs of the widest population range as possible, enabling persons with varying abilities and ages access to the physical environment on an equal basis with others.

Many civic buildings were built in previous decades and do not reflect current standards for universal and barrier-free access.

Public Participation

Thank you to everyone who provided input into the online survey. 

All information gathered will be used to identify challenges and priorities for the Universal Access and Barrier-Free Prioritization Plan within St. Albert. 

As well, thank you to all of the participants who provided their comments at the April open house or via the City email. 

Open House Presentations

Video 1: What is the Universal Accessibility Project? (11:25 min)

Video 2: Universal Accessibility Examples (9:22 min)

Project Outcomes & Objectives


A guiding document that identifies which actions the City should prioritize to ensure universal access is planned for in:

  • accommodation planning for internal staff
  • future municipal facilities, programs and services and,
  • upgrades to existing facilities. 


  • To provide Council, Administration and the Public with a detailed resource to identify universal and barrier-free priorities that will guide future municipal actions.
  • To identify and understand the problems faced by various user groups in relation to universal and barrier-free access.
  • To undertake public consultation, engagement and outreach to ensure the project priorities align with user group requirements.

For More Information:

Lory Scott
Affordable Housing Liaison
City of St. Albert

Last edited: June 19, 2017

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