With a population of 66,082, St. Albert is the seventh-largest city in Alberta. The upward growth rate that we have seen over the ten years is expected to continue, increasing the diversity and strength of the community and opening more doors of opportunity for residents and business owners.

The average age city-wide in 2018 was 40.9 years, up from 40.1 years in 2016, and almost the same as the Canada-wide average age in 2016 of 41.0.

School-age (5-19), adult (35-49), and mature adult (50-64) age groups make up the majority of the St. Albert population. Like the rest of Canada, the proportion of seniors in the city is increasing.

There are slightly more females residing in St. Albert than males with 51.2% of the population identifying as female and 48.8% identifying as male. When breaking down the population into 5-year cohorts, older cohorts have an increasing percentage of females versus males, consistent with the rest of the province and county.