In-Town Business

If a business's physical address is located within the City of St. Albert's boundaries, the business is classified as an In-Town Business, and the business is required to complete and submit an In-Town Business Licence Application.

If the business is a home-based business and the business owner is not the owner of the property, a Home-Owner's Authorization Form will have to completed by the property owner. Businesses operating out of townhouses, condos, or other multi-family dwellings will need written approval from the property management authority.

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2021 In Town Business Licence fees: 

  • $141 (renewals / new applications from January 1st - April 30th)
  • $105.75 (new applications from May 1st - August 31st)
  • $70.50 (new applications from September 1st - December 31st)

Please Note

You may be required to obtain additional development/occupancy permits depending on the type of business and where the Business will be located. All required permits must be approved before a Business Licence is issued. For more information regarding permits, please contact Planning & Development.

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